A buddy of mine told me about a discovery he made about an “Exclusive” dating and introduction service in New York City that charged it’s male clients $100,000 dollars just to sign up!

Well apparently the types of women that this service specialized in introducing to these obviously well-off Men were supposed to be special since they are considered to be “upscale” New York Socialites.

Ahh.. Oo Kaaay…

Well knowing what I do about the general differences between “socially elite” American women and their Russian counterparts the first idea that pops into my head is that these guys may ACTUALLY be paying to have pain inflicted on them. You know kinda like how some strange guy would pay to visit a black leather-ed S&M Dominatrix to get bound up and have his butt whipped.

What other explanation could it be?

Now seriously.. In all fairness I totally admit that I haven’t investigated this service to find out what they are all about… But it’s not like I really need to do that now do I?

However curiosity does sometimes kill the cat and I’m just wondering if the guys who join this gig truly believe that they are going to find their soul-mate with this system? So as I ponder this the following little thoughts just creep into my mind..

  • What are the odds of it being successful?
  • If it worked then what kind of girl would he actually end up with?
  • Would he be happy with what he got?
  • Wouldn’t that $100,000 be better spent doing something like coming to Russia instead?

I guess I’d just like to find out more about these guys and to figure out what is truly going on in their heads..

So saying this..

If any of you guys happen to meet a Man like this..

Have him pay me a visit will you?