First off I’d like to give some credit to the dissenting women who are capable of remaining civil.

I respect the voicing of any civilized opinion here even if you already know that many others Men like myself would disagree with it. But because I believe in Free Speech I also believe that we are better Men for addressing some of your points because I am certain that untold millions of other women believe what you do as well.

And I have no problem holding up the TRUTH I know to yours.

In most of the various posts some of you Feminist have been quite “passionate” (and I’m being very diplomatic with this description) with the belief that we Men are advocating the “disempowerment” of women in order to make ourselves feel “empowered”. You are quite mislead by buying into this very old Feminist accusation that any Man who looks outside of his own country to find a relationship is actually a “Weak Man” who needs a “Weaker Woman”

So let me set the record straight and examine the “LOGIC” behind this.. And If you dissenters are capable of rational thought then I promise that we will break apart some nasty little cornerstones of your Ideology.


A Real Man is “not afraid” to have a relationship with “Strong” Feminist Woman.


  • A Real Man would Wisely Choose to REJECT any Woman who is secretly a Competitor against him.
  • A Real Man would STAY AWAY from a Feminist no matter how much he may desire to physically be with a woman.
  • A Real Man doesn’t give into this and STANDS by His PRINCIPALS even if he is completely surrounded by Feminists.
  • A Real Man knows that the sexual organs of a Feminist has no intrinsic value to him and is actually a “huge and dangerous” liability to avoid for many reasons.
  • Feminist tagging Men as being “afraid” to be with “strong women” is a very Poor Spin of a Man’s decision to REJECT HER.
  • These Feminist “Slants” are a little like a Heroin dealer calling somebody a “Chicken” for not trying his “Product”.


A Modern or “Progressive” Feminist is a “Strong” Woman.. While a Traditional Russian Woman is “Weak”.


  • Russia Women have no significant social, legal or economic protections which By Default makes them Very Strong and Resilient.
  • The vast majority of Russian Women who move to the US or the West end up Flourishing there.
  • There is NO WAY any American or Western Woman could survive living in Russia alone on any normal basis.
  • Because of this Russian Women as a general population Are Much Stronger than any group of Western Feminist.
  • Russian Women have NOT Lost their Traditional Feminine IDENTITIES by being Strong. They’ve EMBRACED IT.
  • Western Feminist are Hypocritical Bigots for only promoting themselves while cutting down their Russian Sisters.
  • Feminist who demonstrate this Bigotry and Hypocrisy against their fellow women don’t even realize that they are painfully revealing the underlying emotion which drives it. And this is the emotion of jealousy..


Men and the “System of Patriarchy” are responsible for “Dis-empowering” Women.


  • Feminist ARE Responsible for Dis-empowering Women by MARGINALIZING a Woman’s GENETIC Role as a Wife and Mother.
  • American Women have the most professional and personal “opportunities” in the history of the world which makes them the most privileged class of people ever to walk the face of the earth.
  • This is further enforced by Draconian Laws which enforce various legal entitlements that are widely abused against Men.
  • Men have NO such legal entitlements in their dealings with Women.
  • If Feminist Ideology is to be believed then American and Western Women should be the happiest creatures in history because of their “success” in reshaping Western Society to their own means.
  • Significant surveys and studies have concluded that Modern Women are MORE UN-HAPPY NOW then with Women belonging to their Grandmother’s generation who clearly had far less “opportunities” available to them.
  • The consumption of Anti-Depressants by American Women such as Lithium and Prozac are the highest in the world and is considered to be a National Health Epidemic for Women.

Now if you are able to NOT go into DENIAL about any of this you might look at these facts and come to the same conclusion that SOMETHING is Seriously Screwed up with Modern Women who believe in Feminism.

And I know what that something is..

AND it has NOTHING to do with a MAN.

It has everything to do with Women allowing their True IDENTITIES to be stolen by Feminism..

But ultimately no one will blame Feminism for the bad choices that a woman makes.. people will just quietly shake their heads and walk away and leave this woman to sit with her own excuses for the rest of her life.

So here’s the deal..

Whether you are a Man or a Woman..

The GREATEST measure of TRUE happiness is the ability to have a purpose..

And here’s the key.. this purpose MUST BE BIGGER then you are. So therefore this purpose can’t be about how self-indulgent you can be scoring EGO points by climbing the corporate ladder or working at McDonalds. This belief alone actually leads women to having the remainder of their lives being empty and depressed. And believe me I’ve met plenty of women like this.

The ULTIMATE and BASE expression of purpose is creating and promoting FAMILY. The well being of your children and your husband and you as a whole is MUCH BIGGER then you are.. Because you are setting into motion things that will affect the very future of your children if not everything they touch within society.

We call this the ripple effect.. And you can CHOOSE to either create a small “splash” in a small dank mosquito filled Swamp.. or a powerful Wave in the Open Ocean..

If you let modern society seduce you into believing that a woman’s true happiness lies in gaining MONEY, POWER and POLITICAL INFLUENCE then you are on a very short emotional road to nowhere.

Do you think that a founding feminist like Gloria Steinem is a happy woman? Well in-case you need to check she’s not.. Old, un-married and completely childless. Women like her who bought into the lie big time are now trapped.

Women like this have to live with the fact that whatever special traits or value they carried in their DNA..


Period.. Gone.. Forever.. No Children.. NO Legacy into the future. When they die.. they TRULY DIE..

You know.. I’ve often wonder what that must feel like as a Woman because it seems so incredibly STRANGE to me..

To actually DENY your biological imperative to procreate, love and nurture your own children. To actually substitute a billion years of natural evolutionary instincts to give everything you have to your kids in exchange for some twisted political ideology.

I personally imagine that it’s a little like a car with no engine.. only in real life it’s far worse.

On some deep level that I cannot possibly fathom as a Man.. this realization must drive a Woman COMPLETELY INSANE. On some level they must realize that the base definition of LIFE ITSELF is to procreate.

EVERY Living Creature on Earth does EVERYTHING it can to procreate and nurture their offspring..

Except for them..

It this isn’t the most tragic story in existence then I don’t know what is..

And the tragedy is only marginally different when Feminist decide to have kids. Either on their own or with their “partner”.. what ever gender that may be.

Deciding to have children and then leaving them out in the cold within the institution of “day care” or with the lonely “latch-key” existence of a child in an empty home breeds it’s own type of tragedy. A tragedy for your karma as a mother and the tragedy of a child who faces the world alone way too early without your presence.

Having a job to survive is one thing… Focusing solely on your “career aspirations” against the welfare of your family is a completely other..

Maybe this TRUTH is so hard to swallow that most Women would rather go deeper into DENIAL about it.

Well Feminism is an absolutely Perfect Vehicle for this because just like with Communism it can only survive if people like them believe in some EXTREMELY BIG LIES.. And in the case of Feminism that LIE would be for Women to proclaim their “Freedom from Motherhood” or their “Liberation from Marriage”.

Hitler once said..

The bigger the lie the more people will believe in it..

So isn’t all of this Feminist Dogma just lovely sounding Spin?

Because on the surface joining up with something that uses the words “Liberation”, “Equality” and “Protection” just sounds like a wonderful idea.. Maybe it feels good to be signed up with something like this..

But it will lead to Devastating Results for many of you.

This is because Mother Nature has a Final Cruel Irony for women who fall into this TRAP…

The BITTER FACT that it is often TOO LATE when many of you finally grow up and realize the TRUTH..

That having this kind “Feminist Freedom” is actually it’s own special kind of life in PRISON..

Sure.. you may have a nice home, nice job and nice friends.. but you and your pet cat are still in a Nice PRISON..

I’d tell you to ask some older feminist like Gloria Steinem if she’s realized the truth yet.. but I’m sure she’s too much in denial about the fact that she dedicated her life to a totally lost and self-destructive cause.. So the only thing left for her to do is to Continue the DENIAL..

Because that’s all she’s got..

There is no way in HELL any self-respecting Man should try to create a marriage and family with this kind of Woman.

And this Blog is only PARTIALLY about that.

The Bigger Picture for this site is what the SOLUTION is for literally Millions of Men who will no longer tolerate hostile and narcissistic Women in their lives. I’m more then happy to lay down the TRUTH about the deep destruction that Feminism has created in our society because I want you and many other women like you to know..

THAT WE MEN WILL MAKE NO APOLOGIES for REJECTING any “Modern Woman” that is even “slightly” infected with the Cultural Hemorrhagic Virus that is called Feminism.

(Anyone care for just a little nibble?)

You won’t find me or other Men in this group “Running for Cover” with the “fear or shame” tactics that any Angry, Insecure and quite frankly… Scared Shitless Feminist would just LOVE to try to tag on us.

NO.. The Buck stops here. The Die is Cast. The Gauntlet is thrown.. and the Rubicon has been passed.

And my challenge to you and ANY OTHER Feminist is CLEARLY GIVEN.

You are more then welcome to read through my site and see why I advocate the SOLUTION for Men that I do.

Because at least I have one..

And frankly, I don’t know if I can say the same for you..

Especially if all you are relying on is the same Old POPEYE Cartoon that you are using to “prove” your “view” of reality.

The HILARIOUS view that portrays all Men as really a “Bluto” in disguise.. A Bluto who JUST CAN’T WAIT for the right moment to “Violate” and “Abuse” a completely innocent and defenseless Olive Oil..

Are we really dealing with a “BLUTO” Scenario here when it comes to describing us Men?

Or are we really looking at the “Little Mermaid” Scenario instead..

Come on… I’m sure you ladies remember it.. the one where Prince Valiant is trying to find and marry the Little Mermaid (aka Ariel).. But for some reason the very nasty Sea Witch keeps on wanting to stop him because she secretly wants to marry him instead..

Anyways while you are deciding which scenario this really is…

Why don’t you give Gloria Steinem, Patricia Ireland and the rest of the N.O.W. gang a call and invite them over to my house.

Knowing what I do about Russian and American Women..

I would just savor the moment..