Do you remember “Jenny” from the movie Forest Gump?

I thought she was one of the most complex but tortured characters I’ve ever seen on screen. And every time I watch this movie I’m reminded of some of women I’ve known who are equally tortured.

Jenny if you remember came from the small backwater town of Greenbow Alabama where she was sexually abused as a child by her impoverished alcoholic share cropper father. Jenny’s only goal in her young life was shown to us on her little knees in a cornfield as she desperately prayed..

“Dear God.. Please turn me into a bird so I can fly far far away…”
“Dear God.. Please turn me into a bird so I can fly far far away…”

And she did fly away.. In more ways then you could possibly imagine..

Because Jenny flew straight into the arms of insanity..

And it killed her in the end..

The tragedy of Jenny is that she had a severe identity crisis with who she was. Her emotions carried a lethal brew of deep sexual shame, rage and depression that actually caused her to go out and to seek the same type of physical and sexual abuse that she grew up with..

As twisted as this may sound to you or I there is a strange logic to it. You see sexually abused girls often try to re-create the sexual abuse in an attempt to “gain control” over it.

It’s kind of like playing a very tough but extremely addictive Video Game which keeps on kicking your butt but you are determined to “win” at it.. Even though the endless levels in this game make this goal completely impossible.

So she finds herself on a self-destructive treadmill of whoring and rage where on one hand she has a constant impulse to demonstrate how “Sexually Powerful” she is.. but in addition to this she also has an uncontrollable urge to act out her deepest anger against any Man within her reach.

So instead of trying to destroy space aliens with a joy stick clutched in her hand in the living room.

She try’s to destroy a man with his joy stick clutched in her hand in the bedroom..

And then she will often blame the man internally for trying to come on to her or even to rape her.

Because that’s what all sex feels like to her.

Now another KEY thing you need to understand about Sexually abused women is this.

They often have a DEEP HATRED for the very concept of Family.

It’s simply because they never had one..

At least the safe and protected one that they always dreamt about having when they were little girls. So in their perception. A Traditional Happy Family as a loving Wife with Husband and Children simply DOESN’T exist.


Because if it does.. then the sense of loss that they would feel would simply throw them over the edge. And they are just barely hanging on right now..

This is not just emotional survival we are talking about but in light of the extremely high suicide rates that these women face it is also an issue of physical survival as well.

So in their mind they truly have no choice but to project scorn, sarcasm and anger towards anyone.. or with any Man who crosses their path..

But most of all.. They have a special place in hell in their hearts for a Man who actually wants a real family.

Because they immediately look upon him as the next potential abusive “daddy”.

They will do everything in their power to shame, to scorn, and to sabotage the lives of these Men..

Because in reality they are only projecting outside.. what’s going on inside.

Many of them justify this inner turmoil by hiding beneath a false shield of “trying to save the world”.. which is more commonly known as Feminism..

They want to become “The Catcher in the Rye”.. desperate adult children who believe that they are trying to save the world.. when in reality they are only desperate to save the little girl within.

Unfortunately for them and for us.. they believe that the only way to do this.. is to do everything they can to marginalized and crush men.

  • Because a “man” did this to her..
  • And a “man” did this to other girls like her..
  • So therefore all “men” are bad..
  • Therefore all “men” must be restricted, restrained.. or removed..

So as you may have already guessed..

Feminism provides a PERFECT vehicle for these women to try to re-gain their “self-respect” and “social legitimacy” from the shame they feel of having to carry a very prominent “dirty little secret” inside. And the deepest shame and the biggest secret they keep is that they often actually enjoyed the abuse they went through.. and as you can imagine this just really messes with their head big time.

With the Feminist Movement these women get to do the following..

  • Have a “legitimate” vehicle for their self-denial and anger.
  • Have a “legitimate” reason to marginalize and destroy the foundations of Family.
  • Have a “legitimate” reason to “justify” their sexual and emotionally detached promiscuity.

But most of all..

To have a “legitimate” way to point fingers at a “bad man” so the world can’t possibly see them as “bad women”.

Like any older or middle aged woman who stands in line at the local pharmacy counter waiting for her refill of anti-depressants…

These Women “need” to take their “Feminist medicine” because it’s often the only thing that makes them feel “good” in their lonely existence.. even if they are in a “relationship”.

But in reality… we all know that this “medicine” is just a different grade of heroin that they are shooting..

So how can you as a Man avoid and protect yourself from women like this either in the US or in the world?

Well the number one thing to look for is Emotional Maturity.

For example if a woman was sexually abused as a girl then her “Emotional Age” is frozen from that point on. So if she first had sex at the age of 8.. she will act like an 8 year old for most of her remaining life.

So when you encounter Angry Women either within this site or in public.. the first thing you should do is to listen to her words VERY carefully and to literally close your eyes and ask yourself..

  • “How old is this girl?”
  • “Is she throwing a temper tantrum?”
  • “Is she acting like a school yard bully?”
  • “Does she girlishly fantasize about being someone like a movie star?”
  • “Does she try to pretend like she’s invisible so no one can see who she really is?”

Because the more angry, illogical or delusional any “woman” acts the “younger” she really is..

You can prove this on your own by going through some of the past comments in this site made by various “angry feminist” and to do this evaluation for yourself. I might actually repost some of the recent very nasty ones so you can see more solid examples of this.

Or I’d highly recommend that you go watch the movie Forest Gump again and notice “how old” Jenny is throughout the entire movie..

Please do this Gentlemen..

And I promise you that you may have saved yourself and your fellow Man from a lifetime in hell.

One Final Note…

I have spoken about some very bitter truths about a given population of women and I know that they will not “enjoy” this and try to make false accusations.

So with this in mind.. I feel it’s still important for us as Men to make clear our intentions… or at least mine..

That we may openly get angry and take various actions against these women.. especially if they try to threaten us, our future, or what we believe in..

This is simply because we Men understand that a child with a loaded gun in their hands is just as dangerous as an adult with one.

But in spite all of this.. deep down inside I do not believe that we Men wish these women any true malice..

Because True Men still have hearts and compassion for those who suffer. And it’s all too painfully obvious when these women lash out or make false accusations against us that their suffering is real and their anger is the only thing they have. I personally respect who they are as people and the challenges they face in their lives so this post in no way is meant to denigrate them.. It’s only meant to inject some badly needed reality and truth no matter how harsh it is.

Unfortunately the only thing we can realistic do as Men is to try to avoid them in general and if necessary to confront them when they try to corner us or when they bear false witness against us or our Brothers.

But in the meantime..

I at least hope that their own road to healing is on a road to real redemption and peace..

Because after all.. I’m sure Jenny may have pissed some of us off with some of the things she did to herself and to Forest..

But Forest still loved her..

And I understand why.