I am a big modern jazz and fusion fan..

And one of the groups that I literally worship is the Pat Metheny Group. I’ve seen this guy and his band play 6 times and every experience was just beyond incredible.

I remember the 3rd time I saw them.. UC Berkeley Greek Theater about 15 years ago. The energy was intense and the vibration of the music was completely pure and transcendental..

This was certainly one of those moments when one can say that they were having a Religious Experience..

The PMG’s signature song is a piece called the First Circle.

And if you’ve never heard it.. please go out.. get it.. spend some time completely alone.. on a decent sound system if you have it.. and just be prepared to fly away and to dream about a special girl..

At this particular show.. the First Circle had finally come up on the set list and I being front row center.. was in complete heaven..

This piece has an intricate weaving structure that just literally takes you to another view of reality.. and it concludes with the best crescendo.. the best high.. you could hope to imagine..

And with that sudden climax at the very end. The stadium just absolutely exploded with pure intensity as 8,000 people leapt into the air with perfect synchronization.

Pat Metheny himself was completely stunned.. and he along with his custom Ibanez guitar in hand literally jumped back at least 5 feet with the shock wave of love that nailed him..

You could literally feel this wave of energy entering your back and using your body as another amplifier to project forward with.. and I swear you could almost see it distort the air..

Right now with all the things that you Gentlemen (and ladies too) have shared..

I think I can imagine what Mr. Metheny felt like in that particular slice of time and space.

Thank You..