One of my Russian Lady friends named Anna (who has her photo displayed here) currently lives and works in Berlin. We keep in touch frequently and she tells me that she really enjoys this site and had no idea I would actually do something like this.. so it’s been fun to surprise her.. and me too..

Gentlemen.. If you ever have the privlidge of meeting this beautiful woman you will not find a more funnier and charming girl on this planet. She has one of those lite happy auras that just envelops you and absolutely forces you to break out a huge grin no matter what kind of mood your in.. and once you start smiling you don’t even consciously know why you’re doing it..

She’s probably turning bright red right now reading this.. but it’s all TOTALLY true because if you ever look up the word Charisma in the dictionary you will see her name and picture.

Of course the only bummer about this whole deal is that she lives in Germany.. So only the German guys are lucky enough to get a glimpse of her.

Lucky Bastards.. 😉

One interesting thing I have to mention to you about her is the fact that she speaks Russian, German, Kazakh, and English Fluently.. And get this.. now she’s going to tackle Mandarin Chinese!

Damn girl! What are you trying to do? Put all of us poor guys to shame!? 🙂


In her last email she told me that I had written so much about Russian Women already that she didn’t think that I would be able to write anymore. But then she read my Eating Rituals post and told me she laughed her butt off because she said it was so true but that she would never think to talk about any of this because she took it all for granted.

Well isn’t that the whole point as to why a guy like me should be telling the world about girls like you Anna? It’s because we TOTALLY notice these things.. and don’t normally see it where we are all from!

Well that certainly got me thinking about why I started this Blog in the first place.

It’s because most of the stuff I ever read about Russian women came from.. well.. Russian Women..

Now as good as that sounds on the surface it actually has it’s disadvantages for exactly the same reason that Anna just mentioned.. And I think you guys who are regular readers of my site totally understand this.

So other then just wanting to embarrass my good friend Anna in Berlin the only thing I really wanted to say is that if I wanted it to.. I could probably write about this subject forever. I don’t think there is a shortage of interesting things that I could point out to the rest of the world about Russian Women

And quite frankly once you guys have one in your life I don’t think you would either.