Today I overheard one of my married lady friends named Lena talking with her girlfriends about how much they love to watch “Desperate Housewives” and “Sex in the City”.

I was contemplating a good cry in my coffee as I thought to myself..

“Oh No..”

“The Cultural Assimilation of Russia has just reached another milestone. All of these perfectly wonderful women are about to get ruined with another volley of Anti-Male Hollywood propaganda.”

“We are all DOOMED..”

So I sheepishly asked Lena preparing for the worst..

“Why are these shows so popular with Russian Women?”

What came next I couldn’t have made up if I tried.. Because in a completely straight and innocent tone she said..

“We like it because we want to see women with other problems… Problems we don’t have..”

A sly smile broke out on my face..

The kind of smile you might get if you realized that your back-up parachute just deployed properly with less then 500 feet of ground below you..

Being happy that I was going to live to jump another day.. there was still even more good news as she continued..

“Also.. Many Married Russian Women like to watch these shows so that their husbands can see that maybe their wives aren’t so bad after all..”

With this..

I knew I was not just going to have a safe landing.. but I was also going to hit the the red and white circular bulls-eye that was painted in the landing zone as well.

And my sly grin broke out into a fully mojo’d Austin Powers.. “Yeaah Baby!!”

Guys.. it just NEVER ceases to amaze me how much insight one can get from such simple little moments like this.

Moments that I hope you can experience yourself.