That’s right..

And I’m pointing my finger right through the computer screen at YOU..

So let me say it again..

(cause it make Dr. Evil Feel good)


Oh.. Yeah.. and maybe me too..

So let me cut to the chase here..

Understanding Basic Economics is all you really need to know about life..

EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has value based along 3 primary variables..

  • Location
  • Characteristics
  • Time

For Example:

If I sell a can of coke in a market stall filled with other sellers then the perceived and therefore actual value of that Coke is very low.. Because you can find that Coke EVERYWHERE!

Now if I take that same can of Coke put it in an ice cooler and sell it at a golf course at mid-day in the hot summer sun at hole number 12…. Well you get the idea..

When an average looking Russian Girls goes to the US she is treated as a treasure because what is average here in Russia is actually considered to be extraordinary there.

Sooo.. when an average American or Western Man comes to Russia it’s the EXACT SAME DEAL because of his novelty as a foreigner..

These types of personal exchanges are one of those very good things in life which guarantees that the world will keep turning and that the sun will rise in the morning.

So in BOTH of these examples with the Russian Woman and the Western Man..

The “Variables” of CHARACTERISTICS and TIME have not significantly changed..

BUT.. the Variable of LOCATION sure as heck has..

And changing that LOCATION turned what once may have been considered a cheap commodity.. into PURE GOLD..

So to all of you Men and Women reading this.. If you didn’t already know this.. I just gave you the KEYS to the Universe and I hope you use them to improve your standings and opportunities in life..

I know that many of you will read this and go.. “Yeah yeah yeah.. I know all of this already.. so why are we talking about it again..”

It’s because interesting things start to happen when you extend this understanding further.

Because you can actually start to understand different types of behavior with it..

Take the issue of “Buyer’s Remorse”.

This is simply when a person makes a major commitment like buying a car and is initially happy with it.. until they see the what their neighbors have..

Let’s further illustrate “Buyer’s Remorse” by telling the story of an “Average” Russian Girl who’s never been to America or the West.

To start with let’s pretend that her perceived self-value is either average or low in comparison because of the many other beautiful girls that surround her.

Let’s further assume that because of this.. she hooks up with the first Foreigner that shows any interest in her.. but unfortunately this guy may not be such a stunning example of stable manhood or emotional security.

Typically she may not even realize this at the time due to her lack of experience with Men. So although he can be compared to a used Ford Escort with a few hundred thousand miles on it.. In her eyes and in the eyes of her friends and family who don’t even own a car… well he’s a pretty damn good car..

So both she and him are off and running.. heading up to the Cheeseburger Paradise drive-thru together..

And this works out at least initially… Until the inevitable happens.

Because while they are out cruising for cheeseburgers she starts to notice the various problems with the “automobile” that she’s riding in and on top of that she sees many other new and shiny cars outside of her passenger window. Soon what she once thought was a fine automobile is now a complete lemon to her.. And now she’s unhappy as hell because she wants to ride in that new Lexus she sees across the street.

So how do you avoid a “Buyer’s Remorse” kind of Girl?


Well to be brutally honest.. the very first thing you need to do is to evaluate if you yourself are a “Buyer’s Remorse” kind of guy.

In other words.. are there things in your own character or circumstances that would cause even the most perfect woman in the world to look at you down the road wishing they had a Toyota Camry instead of the 10 year old dirty and dented Pickup Truck that they may see you as? Is it time to retool your life? Or even time to transform it completely? I know this may be a tough question but we do make an effort to dish it out fairly for both sides of the aisle don’t we?

False advertising from either side is never good and I would like to urge that this is something both Men and Women should avoid at all costs.. One of the key ideas behind this site is to attract Men and Women with good characters and credentials to find each other. And if we start doing this.. then we can start to transform the whole derogatory Mail Order Bride concept (which scares the hell out of decent people) into a real chance for people to find real love and happiness.


Finding the Right Girl..

We’ve already had a few post where we’ve brushed on the whole concept of finding someone with a good identity. The reason is simple and obvious.. Women with stable identities have more stable lives and are less influenced by what other’s think of them or by new environmental pressures.

They are less seduced by the allure of trying to feed their Ego by surrounding themselves with material trappings.. or with the Men who can give deliver it to them. Nurturing healthy relationships takes a much higher priority for them and if you watch and listen to these ladies carefully you should be able to evaluate this from the very beginning..

So if this is truly a priority for you.. then you have a better chance of finding a Woman who makes this a priority for herself as well.

(If you haven’t already done so start diving into some of the more recent posts on this site to get more information. Good Identity is such a central theme that we will be diving into it much more in the future.. so please visit frequently or subscribe to my RSS Feed to get the latest updates.)


Buyer’s Remorse can happen in any relationship regardless if it is from Russia or the US. They key thing that is lacking in many of these situations is a usual lack of self accountability.

Or in other words.. “Let’s blame someone or something else for the bad choices I’ve made.”

I’ve seen some shocking transitions in some women who seem happily supportive one day about promoting more unions between Russian Women and Western Men.. and then just a short time later want to completely slam the door on it and burn the house down.

How can a small percentage of Russian Women who are initially eager to have a new life and family so quickly turn around and want to burn it all down without even first suggesting the most basic touch-ups is a little beyond me… Well actually it’s not.. because there is clearly a big “shame” component involved since all women naturally want to believe that their Man is the best.. and when the realization hits that maybe this isn’t the case then they either face the truth and deal with it.. or they start pointing fingers and pouring the gas on the floor..

But in any-case this DOES HAPPEN sometimes.. and it is something you need to be aware of because obviously some people will take any feelings of “Buyer’s Remorse” sensibly and some won’t.

So what’s the flip side to all of this?

What about the good stuff?

Well let’s get back to everyone being a commodity again.. This time let’s look at how a Marriage affects perceived personal value for a Man and his Wife..

Marriage is one of those very funny things in life.. It’s kind of like Quantum Physics.. because normal rules don’t seem to apply when it comes to math and logic..

So if we look at the math of marriage..

  • 1 + 1 is supposed to equal 2 right?

Wrong.. because in a marriage..

  • 1 + 1 can equal -3
  • 1 + 1 can equal 0


  • 1 + 1 can equal 3

So are you confused yet or are you starting to get the big picture?

The perceived value of YOU as a Man or Woman goes up or down depending on who you choose as your partner.

For example if you are a great guy who get’s hooked up with some psycho girl.. try to guess how many cocktail parties both of you WON’T get invited to.

Or let’s take a look at it this way..

Either both of you are Rocket Engines who can help to take each other higher then you could alone..

Or one of you is a Rocket while the other is a Big Ship Anchor..

Or maybe even both of you are heavy black iron hooks with barnacles and seaweed growing on them while being precariously latched to the bottom of the ocean floor together.

Depending on which combination of these 3 you are goes a long way towards determining the “Value Variable” of CHARACTERISTICS that you have.

Let me give you one more way to look at this..

Put an average looking woman alone in a photo and she looks like an average looking woman..

Put her next to a beautiful woman and she tends to also look more attractive as well.

Now obviously although I’m using physical beauty as an example I’m actually talking about much more then just beauty when it comes to the Value of Characteristics..

With a Husband and Wife it’s the same deal.. and if it’s a good deal.. then it works both ways as both of them become dependent on each other in healthy ways to promote and boost the other up.

The Last “Value Variable” is TIME..

(pink floyd intro please..)

An obvious example of the relationship between Time and Perceived Value is the issue of Younger vs. Older Women.

Russian culture and the demographic situation puts lots of TIME pressure on Women to get married in their early 20’s.

If she goes much beyond this then there is an implicit understanding that her remaining options will start to quickly thin out. The biological, social and cultural truth behind Male sexual preferences mostly gives Younger Women a higher perceived Value as potential mates then with Older Women..

TIME’s effect on the value of Men in a Russian Woman’s eyes is generally different. Because the older a Man is (within reason) the more stable he can be as a provider, husband and father.

There are many other pressures that the Variables of PLACE, CHARACTERISTICS, and TIME place on Perceived Value and a book could probably be dedicated to this subject by itself…. but for now I only wanted to give an overview in-order to get you Guys to start thinking along these lines.

Now at first glance this subject may seem like a pretty cold and sterile way to think about Love and Marriage.. And on some level I’d have to agree with you..

However the most important point I want to get across to you is this..

Given the right “combination of variables” on both sides really does give rise to the magic of Love and Affection..

After all if 4 simple Amino Acids can be combined to create you.. then I’d say something along those lines is certainly possible with 3 “Value Variables” mixed in the right way and given to a Man and Woman starting out as “Commodities” to create Lasting Love.. and REAL VALUE between each other..

Also keep in mind that I’m writing this because I don’t want any of you Guys to put the cart before the horse. Any of us can get into REAL long term trouble if we ignore the “Economics” surrounding any potential union and instead focus solely on our “Love being Blind” emotions..

No it’s a much safer bet if we understand these issues fully before we go stepping off into the great unknown..

So now that you have some pretty good keys to the Universe..

Make sure you don’t forget them when you leave the door..