October 2006

Too Bad the Russians don’t celebrate Halloween like we do in the States.

I really do miss going to the costume parties and seeing everyone bringing out their alter-ego’s for one day out of the year.

When I talk about our Halloween traditions to Russian people they love the idea but think it’s a bit crazy. They ask me if even “serious” Government and Official People dress up in costumes on this day. I tell them that for the most part yes.

I explain that Halloween is the official kick off for the Holiday Season and everyone including Business Leaders and Government Officials are encouraged to “get into the Spirit” of things.

Well in any-case I don’t have any Halloween photos for you from Russia..

But I do have this.. Candy Anyone?




I was hanging out at my favorite music club tonight.

The place was just packed with beautiful women.. even more so then usual.. probably because we’ve had a nice warm spell the last couple of days and the ladies obviously feel more comfortable wearing the revealing and tight fitting fashions that they would normally reserve for the summer months only.

Off in the corner was a bear of an African American Man who looked like he could easily be a line backer for the NFL.

Obviously not a local guy..


One of our readers was kind enough to submit his own personal statistics on what he went through in an attempt to find a Russian Lady he could communicate with.

He went through one of the sites that operated by selling address and contact information at $20 a piece.

His findings and comments are as follows:


Well it’s been a pretty productive day visually-wise.

However I don’t quite yet know if what I’m dealing with over here is a dangerously addictive Class A Substance..

Or is it just completely natural home grown stuff that’s actually quite relaxing with a number of therapeutic properties..

Personally I’m leaning more towards the therapeutic side myself..

But then again when I first got exposed to it.. I could swear it was definitely Class A grade.

Well I guess the debate rages on..

What do you think?

Why don’t you look below and let me know…



I just became aware of a Russian Lady who is expecting a visit from an American Man this Saturday.

Obviously his trip to meet with her is more then just a platonic visit.

There’s one “little” problem though..

This woman is already in a serious relationship with a Man she lives with.

This woman is a physically beautiful petite lady who is 30 years old with very long blond hair and big blue eyes. She has a young son that is around 7 years old as well.

I don’t know who the Man coming to see her is so I don’t know how to warn him. I only hope he knows of my blog and can get this warning in time.


Well we just hit -10 Celsius today with about 10 to 20 knot gusts of icy air. Russia has the most radical shifts in weather I have ever seen in my life and I have been to more then a few places..  Just yesterday it was almost t-shirt and jacket weather but not today..

One day we can have great sunshine and the next day we can have cold rain or snow and it cycles through these patterns very quickly either in the Autumn or the Spring.  In any case I’m expecting this to go up and down some more and then bottom out somewhere between -35C to -40C especially during Jan and Feb.

The locals say that a REAL SIBERIAN MAN never complains about the weather.. He just dresses appropriately.. how true this is..


There is a Gentleman from Florida named Mr. G who has been out here about 4 times and I just bumped into him again at a local restaurant.

The last time I saw him was just this last summer right about the time I started this blog. Now he’s back and adding another month long Russian visa to his collection..

And get this..

When this trip is done he will go home for 3 weeks and then come out AGAIN for a Whole Year.

I’m impressed..

I love it when I see other guys just grabbing the bull by the horns and totally going for it like he’s doing.


Someone should make a Movie about these Women here.

It just really dawned on me the other day that someone REALLY needs to do this..

I was having a conversation with one of the girls in Photos 9.

She was totally in love with the idea of someday realizing her dream of visiting Hollywood to see all of the “Glamorous Women”.

Once I told her that I’ve spent some time in Hollywood.. Her face flushed and her eyes just grew totally wide as she gasped…


Well at that moment..

I really hated to shatter her happy and beautiful illusion of what her celluloid paradise was like.. but what else could I say?


I was going to hold out on you guys and spread this out a bit..

You know keep you in suspense..

Patience is a virtue and all that other wise stuff…

But once I captured these images my hands took on a life of their own.. and I just couldn’t help myself.

Or maybe it was all the psychic anticipation I’m picking up from you guys halfway around the world as you say..



Oh well I guess it’s time to give in a little.

So if you want your next dose of visual opiates….

Scroll down below..



Well this is a COOL feeling..

You just never know where a certain path takes you once you jump in..

Kinda like life being a box of chocolates right?

Well let’s open up this box and see what we have here.




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