I’ve received some emails mostly from Women in the U.S. who are asking why I supposedly don’t talk about any of the “bad” aspects of Russian Women.

Or in other words it’s been suggested that I’m only portraying a one sided picture.

Okayy.. Well here’s the deal..


It should be totally obvious that ALL cultures and countries have both good and bad elements of people to them..

OF COURSE Russia has it’s share of “bad girls” who choose to engage in all the nasty self-destructive stuff you Men are already familiar with in your own countries.

So as far as reporting this goes.. If any negative information comes up about Russian Women that is relevant to an existing post it will usually come up in the comments section that follows it.

Now keep in mind that in various future posts I’m sure I’ll delve more deeply into some of the negative stuff that I see as it comes up.


Do we really need to spend more time and energy talking about the bad stuff over the good? In my mind it’s not like we need to beat a dead horse on issues you commonly see in Women from your own countries right? The whole point to this blog is to let you Men know what the good stuff is and to get you focused on it so you can best bring this into your own lives.

Or in other words..

Real success is based on Planning to Win..

It is NOT based on Trying NOT to Fail.

Do you understand the difference? It’s subtle but very powerful… and very true..


More then anything.. the underlying motive behind this blog is to create a personal CELEBRATION.

It’s simply a celebration of the incredible beauty, strength, and femininity that I have experienced here in far greater concentrations then anywhere else in the world.

Celebrations are important milestones in any culture. It reminds us and the generations to come of what our values are.. and it records into history the things that we most cherish and adore.

I firmly believe in the principal of the Tao (or Yin and Yang) which states that for every element of beauty there is a dark side from which it sprang.

There is more then enough information in the world about that dark side. You are bombarded with this every waking moment of your life as you “plug-in” to modern society. Our media has never been driven by good news. Bad news always serves the agenda of it’s master’s and there is more then enough brainwashing to go around for every man, woman and child on this planet.

So when you ponder this.. ask yourself a question..

When was the last time modern society gave you permission to truly appreciate real and timeless beauty?

Well I’m still searching for one solid example of this myself..

You are probably still searching too.. because most if not all of what we are “fed” by modern society has become JADED beyond belief.. and it’s this Jadedness that leads to huge numbers of us dying inside from the slow poison of losing our innocence and our souls.

No folks.. It’s because of this.. that I make no apologies for doing what I’m doing.. and for communicating the things that I do.. how I do it..

Because quite frankly.. there just doesn’t seem to be enough good news these days to go around..

And I’d like to do my small part to change that…

And hopefully a few of you out there will too..

Because I sincerely believe I have a key formula for this transformation..

And this is something I’d like to share with you..