It snowed last night for the first time..

So according to an old Russian Tradition it’s time to make a wish and to take a shot of vodka.. Well I think I’ll hold off on the Vodka.. But I’ll keep the wish part.

Now normally I’m supposed to keep the wish a secret.. but I’ll break the rules a bit since I’m an American and we like to tell people what’s on our minds.

And I wish for all of you Guy’s to find the Girl of your dreams (if you haven’t done so already)..

I’m probably going to have to break out the winter parka here soon if this wind keeps up.. Nothing quite like having an icy blast of air hitting any exposed skin. Uggh..

Thank God the natural gas and the hot water is essentially free here.. there is no way this society could exist without this precious energy resource flowing.

Now if any of you guys are thinking about coming out soon.. Do me a favor and don’t let this post intimidate you. Just make sure you dress appropriately like you would if you were going skiing and you will be good to go.. Besides you will win some major “real man” points with your friends for saying that you had the guts to go to Russia during the winter!

In any-case.. I’ve talked to a few lady friends about the weather and according to them this is one of the earliest times they’ve ever seen snow fall since it’s not supposed to usually happen till November. This is one of the reasons why I question this whole Global Warming thing quite frankly. The last few winters have been just brutal.. This last winter was the coldest on record since the Nazi Army was frozen in their tracks during the invasion of the USSR. And I think we are in for another harsh winter. All goes to show how strong these ladies really are being raised in this environment.

One last thing worth mentioning..

I have noticed that a number of these ladies seem to be even more serious about looking for a Man to “give them shelter” now that the winter is certainly here. Can’t say I blame them. The prospects of going through a Russian Winter without someone to keep you warm at night is not something I would wish on anyone. But it happens..

So if you guys are still dealing with warm weather where you are at.. Get over here as quickly as you can and bring some of that sunshine along with your charm and enthusiasm.

Do this.. and I promise you the ladies will love you for it.