Do Absolutely Nothing with them..

As a matter of fact wipe the old slate completely clean..

Let me explain..

I recently reviewed some various material that was meant to help men overcome the various types of resistance that Western Women use.  Resistance that is inevitably put up when any Man wants to ask a Woman he is attracted to out for a date..

The advice ranged from things like spinning her own resistance against her.. to painting a subconscious picture in her mind that you were going to be the “ultimate boyfriend”.  It was all an interesting read but essentially it was like reading Sun Tzu’s – Art of War..  And if you’ve ever read this book most of the battlefield strategies are based on some form of DECEPTION. 

Her side puts up an impenetrable defense.. the Man’s side put’s up a decoy.. draws her attention away with some funny comment and then blitzkriegs by keeping her emotionally off-balanced and insecure..  Her side enacts counter-measures..  the Man’s side erects counter-counter measures.. and round and round it goes..

So I was thinking to myself..

  • Is this what modern relationships have de-evolved into?
  • Is dating and courtship really supposed to be a Psychological “Battle”
  • Was this the way Mother Nature intended it to be?

Now I want to give the guys who wrote this stuff credit.. because in some ways it’s ingenious and probably a necessary approach.. 

…if you are dealing with Western Women..

But when it comes to Russian Women you DON’T have to play these games..

It’s MUCH more straight up with these ladies. They are looking for a serious relationship and if you are a decent considerate man and you show it to them they will respond very positively.

Now even if she is not the girl for you at the very least you will be shown deep appreciation and respect for any sincere attempt to reach her because this is completely flattering to her.

This is EXACTLY why I’m advocating to Guys to stop wasting their time by trying to “out-psych” any woman from their homeland.

Quite frankly it’s a mess and a real waste of time and effort if you are truly looking out for the BIG PICTURE.   Don’t get me wrong I totally appreciate the effort and motivation that goes into studying this subject..

But a Man over here simply would never think that deeply into it because he doesn’t have to..

I’m sure I will be writing more about this in detail in the future.. because it seems like more and more Men are trying to “arm themselves” with these “strategies” and “counter-measures”.   Admittedly, years ago when I lived in the States I was just as eager to dive into this stuff as well and you can read more about these experiences here

So believe me when I tell you these things.. 

Because way back when I’ve probably studied every pickup book and technique out there in order to better my own “game”. 

With this in mind..  

PLEASE DON’T come to Russia with these “pickup programs” pre-loaded in your head because it’s going to be very counter-productive to say the least…

Nope.. take that old buggy operating system you’ve been using and completely RE-FORMAT that Hard Drive.

Because when you arrive you are going to be stepping into a completely different and more traditional world and you DON’T want to be in the wrong frame of mind. 

I know that there may be a strong impulse on any Man’s part to engage in this because of the negative experiences he’s had with the Women back home. 

But unfortunately it may COMPLETELY taint the way he looks upon the women over here..  and that would be a real shame.. because I’ve personally seen a number of Men totally screw up their chances towards creating real relationships because they’ve had some silly “battlefield” dating programs playing in their heads.

I understand that these programs may not seem so silly in the US or the West.  Because in that environment it seems like a Man needs to be an Expert Car Mechanic just to drive any ordinary car down the street!  

That’s how high maintence.. or completely broken down.. many of these Western Women are. 

While here in Russia it’s just the opposite.. it’s more like get in the “car” insert your key and drive.. and believe me guys…  it’s will probably be the greatest “driving experience” you’ll ever have.

Honesty, Sincerity and being a traditional Gentleman are your best friends here.

These Manly traits are VERY Precious Commodities in Russia…  

And the more you cultivate them in-order to demonstrate your own true confidence and charm.. the more you will gain..

So the next time any of you walk into a Barnes & Nobel or Borders and see some Guy browsing through the Dating or Divorce Section..

Could you maybe do him a BIG favor and pass him my URL?