From L.D.

I took the train home last weekend. A four hour ride, I was sitting close to 6 young college girls, some were cute to look at, until you hear them talk. Once they open there mouths, zero attraction. There minds are just trash, and these are girls in university? Everythings about, money, power, control, complaining, there jokes were all about bashing other people. Re: boyfriends, North American girls are always looking for “the better deal”.

About halfway through the trip we stopped to let people get off. A bunch of girls were getting off, it took a few min’s for them to depart; I noticed something different about them, different energy, very patient, very happy, constantly smiling, being nice and polite to each other (respectful). Just as they were walking off the train I could over here what they were saying; they were eastern European or Russian. That’s why they had a different vibe… very calm, relaxed energy… that’s what I’m looking for… a very calm, kind, respectful but sensual girl that’s always smiling and quick to laugh.

Thanks for the great comment L.D.

As vivid as your experience was with this encounter.. I think that you can guess that you are probably only scratching the surface. You are starting to get a “sense” that there is “something” about these ladies that runs very deep.

You have accurately referred to this as a sense of…

c a l m

Any man like yourself knows what it’s like to be surrounded by women who always require some type of drama to draw the spot light onto themselves.

But on the other hand.. one of the most enigmatic things that I find about the ladies in Russia is just how naturally they seem to draw YOU in as a Man with their feminine sense of calm and happiness.

We certainly have a percentage of Women over here who are depressed or blue.. but here’s the key difference.

They BARELY show it.. if ever..

If they do show it.. it’s not something that’s readily seen in public because I have yet to see any truly hysterical women that we Western Men would consider to be “Drama Queens” over here.

No.. Quite the opposite.. These women seem to carry themselves with a high level of DIGNITY and CLASS regardless of their economic status. And most of these women come from a financial situation that would be considered poor by Western Standards.

So really the big question that I’m still asking is this..

How do they do it?

How do they hold themselves in both general appearance and character so highly while living in such a challenging and often hostile environment?

Doesn’t an easier life lead to happiness?

The only answer that I can come up with is that real women are much more adaptable and resilient then I would have thought especially coming from the US.

I guess what I’m seeing here is a more “natural” state of living for human beings from an evolutionary standpoint because of the greater degree’s of stress and hardship that hundreds of generations of our ancestors were more acclimated to dealing with.

From my own observations it’s clear that the average Russian woman has to work harder and maintain a different daily discipline then her Western Counterpart.

Or in other words..

Hard work and discipline on their part seems to lead them towards having more inner calm and peace.

This makes a lot of sense to me because often times the most depressed people in the world are the ones who actually have money, “security” or a relatively “easy” life.

The laziness creeps in.. and then the lack of purpose.. then the emptiness always creates envy towards their friends and neighbors.. and then finally all we are left with is the snide and jaded attitudes that we unfortunately see way to much of in the US and in the West.

And of course this all get’s expressed early on with a bunch of loud and obnoxious college girls on a train who believe they are entitled to the world just because they have a vagina.

Scary huh?

Not the happiest realization in the world to know that a big part of our modern society along with our foreseeable future is hinged on this attitude.

Well at least for us Men..

Thank God there’s a way out of this mess.