A long time ago when I was first contemplating this journey I was asked by someone I knew to go to a “Singles Exhibition” that was being held at a Hilton Ballroom near San Francisco. Since I was planning on going up to the City anyway I decided to check it out on the way there..

Well when I arrived it was a pretty depressing sight..

The ratio of Men to Women was probably around 2 to 1 and the women who were there were.. well how do I say this nicely.. ahh not so appealing?

Many of these women it seemed were older hippie chicks who probably thought that their belief in “free love” and “flower power” would still prevail in finding them a Man. Some of them wore business suits and other’s wore loose baggy clothes along with “natural” un-kept hair styles that seemed to be just as old as the era they came from.

It was more like a scene out of some dark comedy with an energy of desperation that just lingered in the air. Not a fun place to be and I was thinking that now was a good time to salvage my evening and continue up to the city.

Suddenly 2 gorgeous young ladies in their early 20’s showed up.. both blonds..

One was wearing a white satin low cut cocktail dress.. and the other girl wore a hot mini-skirt which showed off her long and tightly wound legs. To say that these girls stood out in this crowd was a huge understatement.

They just walked in and instantly took over the whole ball room.

It wasn’t just their looks either..

It was the way they happily carried themselves.

Most people in this environment seemed to be ducking for cover on an emotional or physical level while staring at their shoes.. but not these girls..

They were simply beaming with huge smiles and interacting with each other in a completely “bubbly” way..

Within 5 minutes while everyone was standing around pretending to enjoy the music… these two girls were on the dance floor cutting a rug with each other.

Now if you’ve ever been to any dance club you either see a crowd that purposely tries to pretend that they can’t dance as they just move simply from side to side or you see a crowd that at least makes an spirited effort “to try” to dance.

Well with these girls you had real dancers and it was so refreshing just to watch them break free completely oblivious of the sullen mood that surrounded them.

After about 3 songs they headed over to sit with the two Men who had brought them there. Two Lucky Guys who ended up being their husbands.

They hung out for a few minutes to check in with their husbands and then these 2 girls were back on the floor dancing.

I made my way over to one of the Men.. A late 40-ish portly looking guy who probably had more then his fair share of pints filled with larger and ale in his life.

I introduced myself and started asking what their involvement was with this “Singles Conference” given the fact that they were obviously married. Well it turns out that they were invited by a now defunct Russian Marriage Agency who at the time wanted to use them as a reference during this gathering.

After a few minutes of hearing how great Russian women are and how incredibly happy these guys were.. Mr. Portly turns to me and says..

“Do you know why my wife just came over to me a few minutes ago?”

“I have no idea..” I replied..

“She just came to me whispered in my ear and said… honey would you like to have Sex when we get home?”

“No kidding?” I said..

“No kidding…” he smiled..

At first I really didn’t know what to make of Mr. Portly’s statement..

But the tone in his voice was such that it didn’t seem like he was trying to show off.

It was more like he was also happily stunned by his wife’s consideration and that he was trying to do me a big favor and “give me a clue” as to what to do next if I wanted the same deal.

I thanked him for his time and realized that I had just been giving another “catalytic event” in my decision making process to go to Russia.

As I was making my way out the door.. One of the ladies from a local match making company was handing me a brochure with a special offer attached to sign up for a discounted membership…

I just politely smiled at her and said…

“No Thanks..”