I just read something that pissed me off.

The New York Times just ran a story about how for the first time in US History Married couples are now the minority in American households. According to the Census Bureau 49.7 percent of the 111.1 million households in the US are compose of married couples and this number is expected to continue it’s slide.

The reasons they gave were mostly based on alternative “lifestyle choices” for couples that wanted to try things out before they got married. Since the NYT is a notoriously liberal rag there was no mention whatsoever of Orwellian legal, custodial and financial divorce benefits for women that I’m sure has scared off a significant proportion of Men from tying the knot.

And of course the NYT would never make any comments about the lack of qualified American women who are even suitable to get married in the first place.

What all of this actually means is that Men like us are truly fighting a War for the future of society…

And sadly right now it seems like we are losing some key battles if this Census report is to be believed. Now all of this may seem like depressing stuff.. but in reality this is what I’m sure is going to happen..

Sooner or later as with any trend there is going to be a one heck of a backlash against it. More and more guys like us will take a look around at this situation and basically say..

“Screw This!”

This time is not in some distant future because this time is now..

I’m sure that there is more then enough powder kegs lying around with loose gun powder on the floor to invite one little tiny spark to set it all off. What that spark will actually take the form of is anyone’s guess. But all the ingredients are in place for a “little chemical reaction” to take place as they say..

As you already know.. I personally believe that what lies on this side of the world is a big part of that upcoming “chemistry mix”.

Because of this I hope that the “Men’s Movement” starts to realize the golden opportunity that’s presenting itself to throw a big monkey wrench into the Feminist machinery that is eating up our society. However unfortunately the Men’s movement has only been more bark than bite in dealing with this problem up until this point.

The reason is obvious…

It’s been very difficult to bite back when someone has hijacked the traditional supply lines of love, sex and affection that we Men have always depended on since the beginning of time to stay emotionally healthy and engaged.

Now that this existing supply line has been choked off the Man upstairs has thankfully presented us with a far more valuable convoy that we need to protect, nourish and expand upon.

Once more and more Men like yourselves realize the importance of this along with the fact that the anti-family beliefs behind feminism are not universally worshiped by other women on this planet.. then the big angry dog stops barking and starts to bite back in a very BIG way..

Knowledge, Word of Mouth and Action are really the only weapons we have in this war..

But given the leaking and dusty black powder kegs lying around in the store room..

These 3 things in itself should be more then enough..