Someone should make a Movie about these Women here.

It just really dawned on me the other day that someone REALLY needs to do this..

I was having a conversation with one of the girls in Photos 9.

She was totally in love with the idea of someday realizing her dream of visiting Hollywood to see all of the “Glamorous Women”.

Once I told her that I’ve spent some time in Hollywood.. Her face flushed and her eyes just grew totally wide as she gasped…


Well at that moment..

I really hated to shatter her happy and beautiful illusion of what her celluloid paradise was like.. but what else could I say?

I just looked at her and sighed..

“My Dear, Russian Women are FAR more NATURALLY Glamorous and Beautiful then the Women in Hollywood..”

Talk about throwing some poor girl for a loop into an alternate dimension of time and space…

On one hand she didn’t want to believe it and was obviously let down.. But once her eyes finished casting downwards to evaluate what I way saying.. she caught the full meaning of it and a gleaming smile emerged as she said..


“Really.. ” I replied..

“But how can that be.. I see so many BEAUTIFUL Women in American Movies all the time!!”

I sighed again.. but this time with a smile as I looked into her luminous eyes..

“Yes I also see them in movies too.. but not in real life like I do with girls like you..”

She still had a hard time fully accepting this as I tried to give her more “proof”..

Ultimately the only proof she will really accept is for her to one day realize her dream and to go to Hollywood herself.

I know that the REAL TRUTH of what she will see over there may not be what she expected.. but I think it will be a far more satisfying experience as it fills up her gas tank with more quiet pride.

Now any number of Russian Ladies asking me if I’ve been to Hollywood is a VERY common question. But after this last incident it really got me thinking.. It made me remember that I too once experienced a radical mental “Paradigm Shift” once I first started to learn about Russian Women.

So lets dive into this a little..

Growing up in America (and especially for myself coming from California)..

The Hollywood and Madison Ave Propaganda Machine led us Men to believe that “winning” the “beautiful” American Girl Next Door was the “Ultimate” prize for your hard work.

There was a Marsha or Jan Brady just waiting for all of us around the next corner.. and all we had to do was to make some green, have a nice home, and be a good guy just like their swell dad Jim Brady was… But of course far removed from this happy illusion were the persistent rumors of the Brady girls becoming porn actresses along with “Jim Brady” ultimately coming out of the closet due to his passing from AIDS.

But even with these nasty and growing bits of news.. Many of us Men still stubbornly held onto a belief that we were sold as kids as we asked the question..

“Where ARE you Brady Girls?”

So we searched harder and harder until finally we had to bring out an electron microscope to look for any residual trace characteristics of these “good girls” within the “Women” that surrounded us. And too often even if we found a “false positive” on something that was actually LONG Gone WE STILL declared victory and pursued a relationship when we should have been running like hell instead..

We were the “bad scientists” that ignored the evidence and twisted the results to fit our rose-colored view of the world.

Now the Hollywood puppet masters knew that our search could not last forever..

They knew that ultimately most of us would grow tired and disillusioned with a fruitless quest for a beautiful “good girl” that didn’t exist or just simply wasn’t accessible..

So in their cunning mastery of mass manipulation and greed they decided to give us another “offering” instead..

They simply setup different production houses in the neighboring towns of Canoga Park and Woodland Hills and created the world’s greatest Porn Empire.. A human powered machine with horse collars attached to sexually and substance abused women who pull it forward while running over and squashing the ones that fall..

Hollywood Glamour indeed…

A 14 billion dollar a year machine that urges you to drop any idea of finding the good girl and fuels your lust for the bad ones instead..

And even though we Men are truly surrounded by many “bad girls” who would love to play this role..

It is STILL nothing but an illusion..

And a MOST self-destructive illusion at that..

So we patted ourselves on the back and fooled ourselves about how cool we were as the “studly bachelors” who disengaged from the idea of a real woman in our lives and instead engaged with the sluts as we graduated into accepting emotional forms of Crack Cocaine as our “nourishment”.

And the only reason we may have traveled down that path in the first place.. was because deep down inside there was no food to be found on our tables while we were already starving.. so if we couldn’t feed ourselves then maybe we could just kill the pangs of hunger instead..

So at this Moment..

As I sit in this regular Russian Restaurant eating a great and delicious meal.. surrounded by “Regular” Russian Women with whom I am eternally grateful to for helping me to see the REAL TRUTH..

I now have nothing but deep contempt for any “traditional” Hollywood and media inspired lines of propaganda about “relationships” that any one of us may have totally bought into over the years.

Wasted years..

I mean how much spiritual or emotional nourishment can some Hollywood, MTV or Porn Star mannequin provide you with?

Or how much nourishment can you get from a women that actually WANTS TO BE like these Jenna Jameson or Madonna-esque “role models”?

And therein lies the crux of the problem.

Because we have several generations of REAL Men trying to build REAL Lives based on NOTHING but an Illusion…

And the gravity of this realization just floors me..

It floors me because the first thing that comes to my mind is the dark and sobering tale of “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley.

Because in this dystopian world there is a slave race called the Epsilons who were biologically engineered to serve the ruling class of people known as the Alphas. The Epsilons were drugged with addictive “happy pills” called “Soma” and they are brainwashed since birth into believing that they are the true masters of their world when in fact they labor away their lives and their freedom for the benefit of their real masters.

Starting to see the chilling parallels?

You see guys.. The greatest form of Slavery is the one you can never see.. It’s the one where you happily work your asses off or blindly fork your money over believing in some great reward for yourself down the line..i.e. beautiful and loving woman.. when in fact when your train pulls into your hometown.. there’s no lady like this waiting for you… Instead you are only greeted by the thugs and scavengers who want a piece of you because they smell money and their next meal ticket.

Clearly someone or “something” benefits from this “Game”..

And unfortunately it sure as hell ain’t us..

So somehow or another the Real Truth on all of this really needs to get out..

But in the meantime..

I think it’s time to show Hollywood and the world what REAL Beauty and Glamour is truly all about..