There is a Gentleman from Florida named Mr. G who has been out here about 4 times and I just bumped into him again at a local restaurant.

The last time I saw him was just this last summer right about the time I started this blog. Now he’s back and adding another month long Russian visa to his collection..

And get this..

When this trip is done he will go home for 3 weeks and then come out AGAIN for a Whole Year.

I’m impressed..

I love it when I see other guys just grabbing the bull by the horns and totally going for it like he’s doing.

Mr. G looks like he’s in his 50’s and I see him with a lovely lady who is probably half his age. I guess that’s a good enough reason for any Man to happily trade the Sunny State of Florida for the Frozen Tundra of Siberia.

It was pretty obvious to see that he was ecstatic to be back..

He’s got his Florida tan along with an equally sunny outlook on his future plans now that he’s re-embraced Mother Russia.

One of the cool things that I’ve noticed is that he seems to look just a little bit younger with each time I’ve seen him here.. This process of re-gaining your youth and vitality while exposed to Women like this is something I understand very well… and it’s nice to see this happening with another fellow Man who knows it too.

This fountain of youth is not just a physical thing either. This whole idea of being surrounded by Russian Women just transforms you emotionally and spiritually as a Man. It just seems to put you back in charge of your life the way Mother Nature always intended it to be.

I’m reminded of this because I remember the first time I saw Mr. G here about 2 years ago.

He seemed to be carrying some heavy weights in his life and was struggling to interact with these girls which is quite a common thing for many Men when they first travel here.

It’s a little like being in a completely alien environment for the first time and not knowing what to do..

So often times when we are faced with this unfamiliar environment a common natural response we have as Men is to over-play how we portray ourselves. Which is kind of like having your foot floored on the gas petal all the time when in fact you should just be gingerly cruising and enjoying the scenery..

Well it’s truly satisfying to see that Mr. G is firmly in cruise control now with his bucket seat leaned way back… favorite music playing on the stereo… and nothing but miles of open road ahead of him along a beautiful mountain highway.

And of course with the beautiful lady sitting by his side..

I’m happy for the Man..

And I’m sure he’s happy for the Man too.