I just became aware of a Russian Lady who is expecting a visit from an American Man this Saturday.

Obviously his trip to meet with her is more then just a platonic visit.

There’s one “little” problem though..

This woman is already in a serious relationship with a Man she lives with.

This woman is a physically beautiful petite lady who is 30 years old with very long blond hair and big blue eyes. She has a young son that is around 7 years old as well.

I don’t know who the Man coming to see her is so I don’t know how to warn him. I only hope he knows of my blog and can get this warning in time.

I really hate it when I see a local woman doing this. It’s such a bad deal for everyone and it just stinks to high heaven.. This is one of the biggest pitfalls I see when guys come out here because they have no trusted 3rd party reference to check what the real deal is on their “girl”.

Unfortunately for this American mystery man this woman is likely out to use him and keep him in the dark about her current relationship status. This is the kind of stuff that really hurts the cause but at the same time it is still important to let all of you know that it does happen so you still need to be extra careful. Please understand that I do not consider this scenario to be the norm and that the vast majority of Women out here are very honest and have integrity.

In any-case this is a text book example of why I offer some of the things that I do..

From what I’ve heard this guy has been planning this trip for around a year if not more. Boy is he in for one very rude surprise if he comes out only for her.. which I’m pretty sure is the case.

I would be pissed off if this was me..

Especially if it was my first time to Russia.