I was hanging out at my favorite music club tonight.

The place was just packed with beautiful women.. even more so then usual.. probably because we’ve had a nice warm spell the last couple of days and the ladies obviously feel more comfortable wearing the revealing and tight fitting fashions that they would normally reserve for the summer months only.

Off in the corner was a bear of an African American Man who looked like he could easily be a line backer for the NFL.

Obviously not a local guy..

Seeing this.. I cruised over to introduce myself and to find out what his story was since I would do this for any visiting “foreigner” that I see.

Turns out he’s the lead singer in a touring NYC Jazz band and they are doing 2 shows here this weekend. He’s currently in the middle of a 12 city tour in Russia and judging by the girls hanging out with him and the attention he was receiving..

I can safely say that he was having the time of his life..

This is one of those guys who you’d want to be buddies with.

He’s a professional soul singer.. And guys like this just carry an energy and spirit that is completely uplifting and positive to be around.  No wonder the girls were loving him tonight.

He asked me what I did and I just told him that I ran a website about Russian Women..

His eyes lit up.. and he said..

“I think I’ve been to your site man..”

To say I was surprised was an understatement..

“No kidding really? How do you know?” I replied..

“Well your the Guy who talks in that down to earth and “this is what it is” style that I really dig reading about..”

After a few more questions and verifications I realized.. yes it was true.. he had been on my blog before and incredibly here was an opportunity to meet one of my readers COMPLETELY by Random Chance.

Or was it really Chance I was asking myself.

We exchanged emails and I’m sure he will be paying us a visit sometime in the near future. I’m also sure he will have more then a few memorable stories to tell once he get’s back home to NYC.

In anycase.. judging by the way one of the girls was wrapping herself around him.. I knew it was time to give the two of them some privacy..

I quickly said my parting words and then made my exit..

I get the feeling that this won’t be the last time we will meet.

I’m pretty positive that when he get’s back home he’s going to think about the fastest way he can get back over here.

And this is something I know well.