November 2006

Lately I’ve noticed a strange thing..

I often get incoming traffic from links that were put up by some of our readers on different discussion boards and forums.

Naturally I go and check them out and sometimes even make a comment or two..

On some of these boards if I go back a few days later or even a few hours later the original thread is gone..

Obviously someone has complained or felt that they were “offended” by the topics we discuss.  Looks like there’s nothing like a little international competition against American and Western Women to seriously ruffle feathers.

Try it yourself and see what happens..

Go to any number of open “free discussion” Relationship or Romance sites that are not only related to Men’s Issues.  Start a thread on Russian Women being “another” alternative for long term Relationships and Marriage.

Then sit back and watch what happens..

Personally I’m flattered..

Because if it’s this easy to get topics on Russian Women pulled then I KNOW that we MUST BE doing something right..

I feel fortunate in my life to have had some friends who were Navy Seals.

And for any of you Women out there who may not know who these Gentlemen are…

Well let’s just say that they are among the Best of the Best that the US Military has to offer in terms of highly trained elite units.

Or in other words..

They are complete bad-asses who can be your Greatest Friend.. or your Worst Enemy.

Now if you’ve ever been around these Men in public the first thing you may notice is just how Relaxed and QUIET they are.

They never talk about what they do.

It’s because they just simply do it.

And you will NEVER know anything about it.

Men like these are given some of the most ultimate challenges, pressures and risks that life has to offer.  And the fact that they embrace it is a TRUE measure of someone who possess and wields a deep level of REAL Power.

But even while these Men possess Great Power.. they would never openly show it.


from Marissa..
The only difference between men and women is a tiny Y-chromosome, in fact one gene on that Y-chromosome is what makes a man’s apparatus versus a female’s. All other 22 1/2 sets of chromosomes are exactly the same.Does everything that different really stem from a change that small? People are people, no matter where they’re from or whether they’re male or female. Is there that much of a power differential based on something so small as a few letters of genetic code?

Hello Marissa,

There is an old saying that says that a “Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing”..


Because it can be used to misinterpret and distort the Truth.

And the Real Truth ALWAYS requires a deeper understanding of the World with deeper levels of knowledge.


Well I won’t be having any turkey for Thanksgiving since it’s next to impossible to find here and unfortunately it isn’t so popular in Russia.

So all of you Guys will just have to make sure that you help yourself to an extra serving of delicious food for me! Oh an don’t forget the gravy too..

Now if you can believe it..

I’ve NEVER met a local Russian Person who has ever had a chance to eat Turkey.. (and yes I know this is a Serious Bummer as far as they’re concerned)

What’s really interesting is that many Russian people actually know about Thanksgiving… and they really want to learn more about the traditions and events that surround it. So aside from explaining the history behind it I also try to explain that it’s really about being grateful for what you have in your life.

I tell them that it’s a special time to gather with your family and friends in order to thank the Good Lord for the Blessings that you have no matter what your circumstances are.

And on TOP of all of this especially for us Men..

We get to seriously PIG OUT and watch non-stop Football!


This is actually an old problem but It’s gotten to the point where it’s worth mentioning.

Thanks to all of you Russian Women the Real Truth has grown tremendously since it’s start back in July.

Within 3 months we were ranking as high as number 19 on Google for the basic search term of “Russian Women” out of close to 30 million hits.

Unfortunately Now.. Google essentially says that we don’t exist and this has been the case for well over a month now.

I’ve done some homework on the situation and I read that if there is another site that is duplicating your content then Google might heavily penalize you. Now the assumption here obviously is that you set up some type of dummy mirror site that was just designed to get more traffic which Google really hates.


One of the things that’s always appealed to me about Russian Women is just how happy and comfortable most of them seem to be in their own skin.

This is one of those deep feminine mysteries that I will probably never be able to figure out as a Man. Especially since using words to describe this just may be a futile attempt..

But it’s something that I can certainly FEEL when I around them.

And also..

I believe that it’s something that I can show a little bit of as well..



Perhaps one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed is the deep level of pride that Traditional Russian Women quietly carry within themselves.?

It’s something that’s incredible to experience but it can be very difficult to describe since it run’s completely counter to what Western Men are commonly used to seeing in the Women that surround them.

A Russian Woman’s pride is expressed in various ways but it’s especially noticable during the Dating Phase with how they expect to be treated by a Man.

Now the very first thing you should know about Russian Women and Dating is this…

They will NEVER Actively Pursue a Man.


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