I just heard an unbelievable story from a lady friend of mine who works in a local business office.

A Woman walked into her office and introduced herself as a Manager for a new Marriage Agency in town.

She was specifically pitching “a new service” to the older single women in the office. And there are many of them as you can imagine. These women are at a huge competitive disadvantage because of the great numbers of younger women that are available here.

So the Marriage Agency Lady starts telling the older women (and I need to paraphrase here)..

“Look we know you want to find an American Husband and we are going to do that for you. What we will do is take a photo of you and we will photoshop it and make you look up to 20 years younger. Then we will post this photo along with a profile about you that any American Man would dream about on one of their Dating Sites and then we will start writing letters to Men we find on your behalf. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak English or if you have a Poor Education we will “change” all of that for you.”

“All you need to do is give us some money and “we will take care of all of this”.. And you will be in business.”

My lady friend who told me this story was completely blown away by the nerve of this Woman and what she was offering.. She was painting a total paradise picture for these older women and was presenting herself as an expert on how to get an American or Western Man.

This Woman started to hand out her contact information and unfortunately she was also scheduling appointments.

My take on all of this is that this is more then likely a two way scam..

First they are scamming the Women here and giving them false hope..

Then they are trying to scam any Men they come into contact with in an attempt to get them to send cash or to have them come over on a classic bait and switch scheme.

Personally I find this to be very depressing and this is the kind of stuff I hate to report because it hurts the cause but it’s still important for all of you Gentlemen to know what you are possibly up against.

Since this Agency doesn’t run their own website and because they put the women they “represent” onto existing dating sites it’s impossible to know right away who is legit and who is not.

However, if I find out any more info on this I’ll let you guys know.