From WK –
I was over here at my girlfriend’s house studying when there was a knock at the front door… I answered the door and it was their neighbor.“Privyet!” said the smiling lady.
“Privyet!” I answered (happy to see it was one of the family’s Russian friends).
I invited her in and introduced myself before asking if there was anything she needed. She had come over to borrow two tomatoes because her husband wanted an avocado and tomato salad, but she forgot to buy tomatoes at the store…
My face lit up with appreciation for this loving, dedicated woman and her sincere desire to please her husband.
That, gentlemen, is EXACTLY what I’m talking about.
All of this happened as I sat in front of my books whilst eating a sandwich and drinking the coffee that was prepared and served to me by my beloved angel.
Coincidence? I think not.

When I passed this story on to a group of ladies with whom I was talking to today..

They were Completely Stunned that American Men would EVER take notice of something like this.

Or in other words..

They were MORE Surprised that WE Were Surprised that a Russian Woman would regularly prepare a meal in the manner that she does for her loved ones.

They were even more amazed when I told them that I had learn how to cook for myself a very long time ago.. And that most Men in the US also know how to cook for themselves too.

When ever this subject comes up in the company of Russian Women the question is ALWAYS the Same..

“Don’t American Women Cook?”

Now in all honesty how in the world do I answer this question..

  • Have I seen American Women cooking in my life? Yes
  • Have I seen this as part of a daily routine? Partially
  • What is the attitude that most American Women have towards cooking when they cook at all? Often like it’s a pain in the rear

This is the key thing here Gentlemen.

Whenever I see Russian Women cooking for the ones they love it totally feels like a loving art form.

There are no gripes.. no moans or groans.. and no guilt trips.. It’s just truly something that comes from the heart because it’s part of their identity and the way they express themselves as Women.

As these group of lovely women continued to express their surprise by firing off more questions towards me..

I Started to have a Flashback..

I was transported back to when I first came to Russia and had one of my most vivid memories in relation to this.

Two Russian buddies of mine had brought home some beer, wine, sausages, cheese, fish, cucumbers, dumplings, pasta and bread from the store for a little impromptu gathering.

Immediately upon entering the door their two girlfriends automatically took the heavy bags, unloaded everything in the kitchen and proceeded to wash, cut, arrange, prepare and cook everything in perfect sync with each other as if they were doing it together for years.

But the really wild thing was that these women had just met each other for the very first time this evening.

Within 5 minutes we had glasses filled with beer and an elegant cheese and sausage plate cut up and arranged in an interlaced spiral pattern as if it came straight from a professional chef.

The men immediately sat and started to eat first.

In 15 more minutes we had a full spread of different cold and hot plate dishes just being served to us like it was some elegant kitchen ballet. There was a constant flow of graceful movement and not one second of hesitation or indecision in knowing what to do next from these ladies.

The only thing the girls asked the men to do was to select the music on the stereo as they topped it all off by neatly placing the glasses and wine bottles out along with a wine opener.

This was their silent signal for my friend to open up the first bottle of Bulgarian Red Wine while they continued to clean up and put everything away.

I Truly felt like I was in the Twilight Zone watching these 2 Beautiful Women accomplish this because..


I could have sworn that they could have done this blindfolded.


I was truly a little embarrassed because I didn’t feel like I deserved to be on the receiving end of such loving service.


Once I realized that this was something they did for their Men ALL THE TIME and because I was their guest.. that included me.. I finally started to relax a bit and fully take in one of life’s greatest pleasures.

(End Flashback and Back to the Present Moment..)

One of the girls in the group must have sensed that I was having a very wonderful day dream..

I think she also wanted to contribute to my dream when she said something even more astonishing to me. She was just beaming with the most beautiful sincere smile and you could feel the warm pride coming from her as she softly said..

“They say that a real Russian Home should always have the smell of a good warm soup lingering in the air.”

When she said that I swore I could literally have tasted the delicious steaming textures of that soup with my taste buds.

And it made me realize that if I every had any doubts in knowing what Heaven on Earth is truly supposed to be..

Then I think I just got a quick glimpse of it with her words..