Perhaps one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed is the deep level of pride that Traditional Russian Women quietly carry within themselves.?

It’s something that’s incredible to experience but it can be very difficult to describe since it run’s completely counter to what Western Men are commonly used to seeing in the Women that surround them.

A Russian Woman’s pride is expressed in various ways but it’s especially noticable during the Dating Phase with how they expect to be treated by a Man.

Now the very first thing you should know about Russian Women and Dating is this…

They will NEVER Actively Pursue a Man.

They don’t ask Men for phone numbers.. They don’t initiate phone calls.. And they certainly NEVER ask Men out for Dates..

The very idea of this is completely offensive to them.

What they do instead is spend a great deal of energy looking their absolute best and they expect the right Man to take notice of this and to treat them like the Princess that they deserve to be…

Now if a Man wishes to gain any respect while Dating a Russian Woman he also needs to express the fact that she is the only Woman in existence as far as he’s concerned.   She needs to feel that no other Woman in the entire Universe matters except for her… and this needs to take place usually within the first few dates!

Keep in mind she’s not looking for you to inflate her Vanity..

She’s only looking for you to show your Sincerity.

And anything less will be quickly discarded by her.

Now the really incredible thing about a Russian Woman’s sense of pride is this..

Her expectations of complete devotion don’t change one bit even if she knows that there are hundreds of other girls available for a small number of good Men.

She simply doesn’t pay attention to these “Relationship Odds” and will NOT alter her standards because of them..

She only cares for what is REAL..

It’s either a Man’s dedication to her ALL THE WAY..

Or her quickly saying.. “NO WAY”..

Now because I have literally seen these standards at work all the time here in Russia..

I COMPLETELY LAUGH when I see comments posted by Ignorant and Jealous Western Feminist who try to tag these Ladies as being “Desperate”.

On the contrary..

Even when there are No Men available these Ladies simply dive into their work and do everything possible to improve themselves both physically and intellectually.? This is not to say that they don’t get lonely for the company of a Man because obviously they do. But until that opportunity presents itself they will continue to do their own thing.

And they are fully prepared to keep their heads held high EVEN to the bitter end if needed..

Maintaining their composure at all costs means everything to a Traditional Russian Woman..

So even during these challenging and lonely times..

I have NEVER seen any of them act in the cartoonishly “Desperate” way that Western Feminists try so hard to slant them with.

And this makes me openly wonder who the Desperate Women really are?

Because Desperation is simply not part of a Russian Woman’s vocabulary when it comes to their inner desire to be with a Man..

In Reality… Many Russian Women have a MYSTERIOUS POWER to lure Men towards them instead..

And they often do this with very few words ever being spoken.

Or in the very wise words of one of my friends who described this phenomenon perfectly…

So you think you were actually the one who was in control of this situation when you decided to approach her?


She only made you believe that!

So Gentlemen, If you ever want to know what REAL POWER from a Woman truly is.. you will just have to hop on a Jet in order to experience and understand all of this for yourself..

And when this Mysterious Feminine Power first zaps the living hell out of you like a Bolt of Lightning out of the sky and leaves you gasping for air..

I know you’re going to be saying to yourself..

“DAMN.. That felt GOOD!”