This is actually an old problem but It’s gotten to the point where it’s worth mentioning.

Thanks to all of you Russian Women the Real Truth has grown tremendously since it’s start back in July.

Within 3 months we were ranking as high as number 19 on Google for the basic search term of “Russian Women” out of close to 30 million hits.

Unfortunately Now.. Google essentially says that we don’t exist and this has been the case for well over a month now.

I’ve done some homework on the situation and I read that if there is another site that is duplicating your content then Google might heavily penalize you. Now the assumption here obviously is that you set up some type of dummy mirror site that was just designed to get more traffic which Google really hates.

Well I found a site that is doing this and obviously I’m not the one behind it.. I don’t know who did this but at least they were nice enough to link back to me. But for the life of me I can’t figure out why they would go through the trouble to do it.. Is it because they want to generate Add-Click revenue?

In anycase that site is..

But even with this I’m still getting the impression that an Information Site on Russian Women doesn’t deserve to be listed as highly with Google as sites that specifically market for Russian Women Prostitutes, Russian Women Porn and Mail Order Brides..

So what gives Google?

Now here’s the interesting twist..

If you go to Microsoft’s competing search engine called and type in “Russian Women” then yours truly will be listed at Number 2!!

This makes me feel that I’m doing SOMETHING right to please at least one of the Search Engine Gods..

I’ve read that Microsoft’s new search engine is a completely huge improvement and Bill Gates put Hundreds of Millions into making this the best Search Engine Offering out there. So maybe there is actually some truth to this?

I’ve tried to contact Google through their webmaster forum but the silence on their part regarding this issue has been deafening..

In anycase you guys might want to start trying out

Is Liberal Bias at fault here with Google?

I’ve heard in the past for example that Google News is a great news syndicator but that it’s totally slanted to the Left with the types of news stories and articles it promotes. I’m beginning to think that perhaps this Liberal & Feminist Bias is also at work here with my Blog.

Now while were on the subject of potential Liberal or even Feminist Censorship..

The WordPress Blog of the Day site at

has usually had Russian Women the Real Truth within it’s top 100 list since the beginning. Around the same time that I disappeared from Google I ALSO disappeared from the WordPress Blog of the Day too.

Keep in mind that WordPress has caved in before when I was officially censored from the WordPress Best Blog site some months ago even after I was awarded a spot on it and you can check out that information here.

I wonder what’s up with all of this?

In any-case if you guys can pitch in and let your displeasure be heard to the appropriate people I would really appreciate it…

After all I’m just trying to spread awareness to help as many Beautiful Russian Girls as I can..