Well I won’t be having any turkey for Thanksgiving since it’s next to impossible to find here and unfortunately it isn’t so popular in Russia.

So all of you Guys will just have to make sure that you help yourself to an extra serving of delicious food for me! Oh an don’t forget the gravy too..

Now if you can believe it..

I’ve NEVER met a local Russian Person who has ever had a chance to eat Turkey.. (and yes I know this is a Serious Bummer as far as they’re concerned)

What’s really interesting is that many Russian people actually know about Thanksgiving… and they really want to learn more about the traditions and events that surround it. So aside from explaining the history behind it I also try to explain that it’s really about being grateful for what you have in your life.

I tell them that it’s a special time to gather with your family and friends in order to thank the Good Lord for the Blessings that you have no matter what your circumstances are.

And on TOP of all of this especially for us Men..

We get to seriously PIG OUT and watch non-stop Football!

Now since I’ve always loved Thanksgiving and describe it as a Special Family Event..

I’ve noticed that the Women whom I’ve spoken to all get SERIOUSLY Misty-Eyed and openly start LONGING for a chance to experience a Real Thanksgiving for themselves..

And this is one of those moments in life that comes close to breaking your heart..

Because can you actually imagine what your life would be like without any Thanksgivings?

I certainly wish that I could magically give them all a REAL Thanksgiving..

A Thanksgiving where they are surrounded by loved ones who project the same level of Warmth and Love that they do.

And this is the thing that really makes me appreciate the many Thanksgivings that I myself have had.

You see in the US many of us (and I’m guilty of this as well) at some point may have taken Thanksgiving for granted because it’s just something that we’ve always done year after year.

However I can assure you that these Ladies would NEVER take this for granted….

Believe me you would gain a whole new appreciation for this Holiday if you could see the way they look at me when I talk about it..

If you could also hear the many detailed questions they ask about Thanksgiving you’d swear that they were taking mental notes as if they were getting ready for the time when they could prepare for one themselves.

And Quite Frankly..

This level of fascination and interest that they show is very humbling..

So as you sit back and enjoy your turkey, mashed potatoes, yams and pumpkin pie..

Make sure you give REAL Thanks to the Man Upstairs for what you are experiencing..

And if he smiles back on you..

You will someday get a chance to know the Joy in granting one of these Ladies their wish..