from Marissa..
The only difference between men and women is a tiny Y-chromosome, in fact one gene on that Y-chromosome is what makes a man’s apparatus versus a female’s. All other 22 1/2 sets of chromosomes are exactly the same.Does everything that different really stem from a change that small? People are people, no matter where they’re from or whether they’re male or female. Is there that much of a power differential based on something so small as a few letters of genetic code?

Hello Marissa,

There is an old saying that says that a “Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing”..


Because it can be used to misinterpret and distort the Truth.

And the Real Truth ALWAYS requires a deeper understanding of the World with deeper levels of knowledge.

Your implication that there are only slight differences between Male and Female physiology’s because of a “small” 2 percent difference in Genetic material mass between our chromosomes is a sterling example of this.

(2 Percent =  1/2 chromosome set divided by 23 full chromosome sets)

Furthermore your example is also a very old piece of Feminist Dogma that has been used for 30 years to justify that Men and Women were “Equal” in the most fundamental behavioral characteristics which as I will show you is completely bogus.

Allow me to demonstrate this to you and to other Feminist who may be reading this..

You may be studying to be a doctor but you are demonstrating a lack of basic knowledge of any encoded system such as Music, Software or Genetics..

You only proved this when you mentioned that the 23rd Chromosome base pair differences between Men and Women are just “something so small as a few letters of genetic code.”

Considering that decoding the entire Human Genome was one of the largest and most complex scientific undertakings ever attempted and took years to accomplish with multiple Sequencing teams around the world.. you assume only a “few letters” of amino acid differences between Men and Women based on a “small” 2 percent difference in viewable Genetic Mass?

Unfortunately.. If I was your Prof and you made an assumption like this in one of your papers I’d fail you in a heartbeat..

So let me give you the scoop..

If I were to take any piece of music and “Sequence” it by using any MIDI tools I could easily make very “minor” changes to the song structure, tempo, chord patterns, or arrangements.

If you were to compare the resulting code differences between the original song and the modified song you would “SEE” very little differences..

But Music is not meant to be “Seen” it is meant to be “Heard”.

Therefore even with less then a “2 percent difference” in the underlying Midi code I would end up with 2 RADICALLY DIFFERENT Songs..

This same principal holds true with Software.. give me a 2 percent difference in the underlying database schema used to define the application and I will give you an entirely different software package.

Keep in mind that Music and Software Construction is a far more simpler exercise to understand then the Genetic differences and complexities between Men and Women as well.

Now let’s get to the heart of the issue concerning Feminist Ideology and Dogma..

Some History..

For many years Soviet “Scientist” made disastrous agricultural and medical decisions which killed Millions because their science was ruled by politics.. Lenin and Stalin wanted everyone including Mother Nature to believe their own Marxist Propaganda and they even had a name for it which was called guess what?

Marxist Science

So extreme was this belief that the Soviet Union actually regarded Genetics as a “bourgeois and fascist” form of science that needed to be purged so they did EXACTLY that. So in the 1930’s and 40’s they rounded up all the known Soviet Geneticists and either KILLED them Outright or sent them to the Gulags.

This was done because Stalin saw himself as the ultimate “Scientist” and the idea of humans beings being DIFFERENT due to Genetics ran completely against the idea of Communism which demanded that everyone should be the SAME..

Well guess what.. History has a way of repeating itself especially when we don’t understand it’s lessons.. So in today’s world instead of Marxist Science holding sway over public thinking we now have a slight variation of it called ..

Feminist Science

And this is what’s going on again in the West as far as the active cover up of physiological and personality differences between Men and Women.

Feminism wants.. no it NEEDS to propagate the LIE that Men and Women are “The SAME”..

It NEEDS to do this because Feminism was NEVER really about promoting “equality”..

It was always about Dishonest and Disgruntled Women achieving Power through Deception, Manipulation and Stealing..

Feminism cannot survive as a political and cultural force unless it manages to grow it’s ranks by brainwashing Millions of seemingly intelligent Women like you into believing this Lie..

And one of the KEY Pieces of Dogma behind this LIE is the belief you espoused in that there are “NO significant Genetic Differences between Men and Women”.

This Dogma is one of the CORE ways that Feminism tries to legitimize their form of Political and Cultural Marxism.. otherwise known as Political Correctness. And P.C. and Feminist Ideology Have NO PLACE in Science or Medicine.

Marissa you seem to be making a fair attempt at Reason.. And I’ll give you credit for that.. but quite frankly I dread the thought of you embracing this ideology and studying to be a Doctor at the same time..

When you work with Women Patients you may actually hurt them with these erroneous beliefs.. It’s because you will lack the specialized understanding of your very own body as a Female..

Therefore you especially have a special responsibility to get this right.. and I think you are making an attempt at this which I applaud.

I would highly recommend that you get a copy of “The Female Brain” by Louann Brizendine.

She is an accomplished Neuropsychiatrist and Scientist who also grew up being a life long Feminist. But she realized early in her career that many particular Women’s traits when it came to emotional issues and behaviors were being washed over by the “Main Stream” medical professionals.. She didn’t accept that and wanted to dig deeper into knowing why the Women she worked with behaved the way they did.

And incredibly she had the courage to suppress a lifetime of her own Feminist political beliefs in-order to follow the evidence no matter how hard it was for her or her fellow Feminist to accept..

That makes her a Hero in my book since she also took these many years of research and created the definitive work on why Men and Women are DIFFERENT on a Neurological Level.. i.e. our brains..

There is MUCH more to this story but the bottom line is this Marissa..

Feminism ROBS you of the Truth behind your Body..

And when it does this it ALSO DEGRADES your Body..

Because instead of proudly and naturally cherishing your uniqueness apart from Men..

It teaches you Women to be ASHAMED of these special differences and then to Actually DENY them..

No wonder so many Feminist are Angry, Dysfunctional and Self-Destructive..

And Unfortunately Marissa it get’s much worse..

Because Feminism not only degrades your Body by hiding the truth but it also degrades your very Soul..

And in my next post I will show you how…