I feel fortunate in my life to have had some friends who were Navy Seals.

And for any of you Women out there who may not know who these Gentlemen are…

Well let’s just say that they are among the Best of the Best that the US Military has to offer in terms of highly trained elite units.

Or in other words..

They are complete bad-asses who can be your Greatest Friend.. or your Worst Enemy.

Now if you’ve ever been around these Men in public the first thing you may notice is just how Relaxed and QUIET they are.

They never talk about what they do.

It’s because they just simply do it.

And you will NEVER know anything about it.

Men like these are given some of the most ultimate challenges, pressures and risks that life has to offer.  And the fact that they embrace it is a TRUE measure of someone who possess and wields a deep level of REAL Power.

But even while these Men possess Great Power.. they would never openly show it.

Because interestingly enough..  for most of their history these Men were simply “never supposed to exist”.

Accordingly, these Men do everything they can to de-emphasize themselves in order to stay INVISIBLE.

And as you can guess.. It takes a SPECIAL kind of person to do this.

  • Someone who is very secure with who they are.
  • Someone who is willing to sacrifice everything (including themselves if needed) in order to accomplish their mission.
  • Someone who can do this without public acknowledgement or credit.
  • And Someone who is willing to have NO EGO for the greater good of their Legacy and Team.

So how does any of this talk about Navy Seals and Elite Forces relates to Women and Feminism?


It’s because a True Woman already has many of these SAME Special Traits.

And Women most readily demonstrate these traits when they embrace Marriage and Motherhood.

But on the other hand..

Feminism is in DIRECT Opposition to this.

It simply tries to STEAL these Special Traits away from Women.

So let me get a little deeper into this..

In this world of ours I have discovered that there are two different types of people who strive for Power and Influence.

There are those that seek VISIBLE Power.

And those that have INVISIBLE Power.

VISIBLE Power is easy to understand and it has always been the Classic Domain of the Masculine World.

Think of any form of Professional Sports from Basketball to Football and you will easily understand this because VISIBLE Power is an OPEN CONTEST that is viewed by all.

  • It is the Dog Eat Dog World of Business.
  • It is Direct Competition and the Hard Use of Force.
  • It is an Open Show of EGO and Strength.
  • It is an Open Engagement of Battle in an attempt to win a War.
  • It is the creation of an environment where somebody will Win and somebody will Lose.

And on the Other Side of the Coin…

INVISIBLE Power is the Natural Domain of the Feminine Universe.

  • It is driven much more by Creation and Cooperation with the soft application of Diplomacy and Desire.
  • It appears Egoless and Indirect in the use of it’s force.
  • It is the “Charm Offensive” and the “Nurturing Nature” that turns Strong Men Weak and Weak Men Strong.
  • And when it conducts itself in this manner it’s bidding is often always fullfilled.
  • It is the ability to win a war without shots being fired.
  • Because it has the ability to give both sides enough reason for mutual satisfaction early on so that they can both claim victory.
  • It is the ability to exert nearly no energy in rolling the smallest snow ball down a hill and then watch it turn into an Avalanche of Force.
  • It is the ability to walk through life and have a sense for what the future holds.. and in so doing.. to magically know which little things to change now in order to create big desirable results later on.
  • It is the ability to cloak it’s true identity and power as merely a weak and insignificant entity.  It does this with the understanding that in choosing to remain invisible it is actually gaining more space and time to patiently achieve it’s goals.
  • Because after all… It’s hard for anyone to resist you if they don’t even know you are there.

Obviously both VISIBLE and INVISIBLE Power are equally important.

They are symbiotic to each other but of the two..

INVISIBLE Power is more Omnipresent and naturally pervasive even if it initially appears to be “less powerful” on the surface.

It is much like the electricity in any typical American home.

The heavy lifting appliances like the Washer and Dryer require 220 volts but everything else uses 110.

When viewed through this perspective..

INVISIBLE Power is a far more reaching and ever-present source of Power.

INVISIBLE Power is used by both Men and Women to varying degrees.

But REAL Women have this power in their genetic makeup since it was always meant to be a part of their Natural Identity.

And because of this..

INVISIBLE Power is often more of a “Spiritual Power” as opposed to a Physical, Intellectual, or Emotional one.

It is the reason why we label Truly Feminine and Powerful Women as:

  • Alluring
  • Enigmatic
  • Mysterious
  • Sultry
  • Graceful
  • Elegant
  • Wise

So when we take all of this into account and realize just how “Powerful” INVISIBLE Power is.

Then we realize that Feminism is perhaps one of the greatest acts of STUPIDITY in all of human history.

Why you may ask?

Because Feminism promotes the idea that this INVISIBLE Power for Women DOESN’T EXIST and DOESN’T MATTER.

And in so doing it ROBS Women of their very SOULS.

So as with all Failed Endeavours in History..

Feminism tries to be all things to all Women so therefore it commonly gives mere lip service in claiming that Women can have both types of power in full force.

But as with all Frauds..

What one says and what one actually does are two completely different things.

Because in reality the only power that Feminism claims that Women should swear their allegiance to is VISIBLE Power.

It does this by promoting the false idea that the ONLY LIFE that has any value to a Woman is a Professional and “Independent” one where Men and Family are only afterthoughts.

This is a terrible irony because in reality a Woman’s Truest Expression of INVISIBLE Power depends on Men and Children serving as the natural medium for this energy.

And the cruelest joke for Women who fall for this LIE is the fact that once they abandon this INVISIBLE Power that was part of their Birthright they often lose it FOREVER.

This is simply because trying to compete like a Man in the realm of VISIBLE Power almost always leads to Deep Frustrations, Long Term Personal Failure, Unhappiness, Loneliness, and Isolation.

And this is a CLASSIC Vicious Cycle that many Women simply cannot escape from.

Now because Feminism has so effectively propagated this LIE for 3 Generations of Women..

Our Society is unfortunately faced with a Chain Reaction of Destruction as the very foundation of our Families are weakened from within.

An insidious weakening that tears at the Very Heart of a Woman’s TRUE Identity and Power.

And unfortunately there is very little that we Men can do once a Woman has chosen this for herself.

The only thing we can really hope for..

Is for this sleeper to quickly awaken from her slumber before it becomes too late and she sleeps forever.

Because any Woman who actually goes so far as to actively deny her natural feminine identity and power is a Woman who does not really walk among us as the Living.

It’s because she has chosen to Forfeit that Responsibility.

Along with the Pride, Happiness and Privilege that comes with it.