Lately I’ve noticed a strange thing..

I often get incoming traffic from links that were put up by some of our readers on different discussion boards and forums.

Naturally I go and check them out and sometimes even make a comment or two..

On some of these boards if I go back a few days later or even a few hours later the original thread is gone..

Obviously someone has complained or felt that they were “offended” by the topics we discuss.  Looks like there’s nothing like a little international competition against American and Western Women to seriously ruffle feathers.

Try it yourself and see what happens..

Go to any number of open “free discussion” Relationship or Romance sites that are not only related to Men’s Issues.  Start a thread on Russian Women being “another” alternative for long term Relationships and Marriage.

Then sit back and watch what happens..

Personally I’m flattered..

Because if it’s this easy to get topics on Russian Women pulled then I KNOW that we MUST BE doing something right..