December 2006

Well the beautiful and shy lady that I talked about inWhy It’s Hard for Russian Women to Show Feelings” is finally on her way to New York and Miami today.

There’s an interesting story here because of how she decided to “prepare” herself for this trip.

Aside from the excellent progress she’s made in practicing her English… She must have still thought that the US is populated with millions of beautiful models running around because she said that it was necessary for her to “look her best” before she arrived.

Now keep in mind that this lady is about 5 feet 7 inches tall with a perfectly proportioned muscular body due to the fact that she swims 2 kilometers 5 days a week. Her nearly waist length blond hair along with her jade green eyes and high cheek bones would easily get her into the finals of any beauty contest in the world..

Or into the Playboy Mansion..

Even with all of these “attributes” she still told me that she wanted to lose 3 extra kilos (6.6 lbs) so that she could comfortably walk around Miami as she says in her summer clothes (or lack there of).

So when her surprising words finally registered in my brain.. my face must have dropped off the table and bounced on the floor as I said..

Woman are you Crazy?!
Why in the Hell do you want to lose any more weight?


First Off..

I wanted to wish all of you fans of “Russian Women the Real Truth” a Safe, Wonderful, Warm and Merry Christmas!

Also we FINALLY have more then enough snow in Siberia to go around for all of you wanting your own Little White Christmas too!

Keep in mind that in Russia they don’t celebrate Christmas until January 7th because they base it off of the Old Orthodox Calendar.

But if you were here today you would still be surprised at just how many of them knew that “our” Christmas was today and I certainly got more then my share of phone calls, text messages and emails to prove it.

And yes if feels great..

So on this very special day I’d like to make a small request to all of you readers.

Please take a minute in silence to wish all of these ladies here a Great Christmas.. It’s great to send good energy their way because they certainly deserve it and more then a few of them may be facing various challenges right now. Also since this blog is read by so many of the ladies you’ve seen photos of please be sure to wish all of them a Happy Holidays as well on the comments section below too!

And to cap it all off..

Here is a photo of two fine young ladies who were at a local party showing off their (ahem) “Holiday Cheer”. 😉

Enjoy! 🙂


Many years ago when I was back in California I was driving up to a seminar and had volunteered to pick up another lady on a car pool list who was also attending it.

Let’s call this Woman “Carol”.

Carol looked like she was in her early to mid 40’s. Typical nature-mama look with disheveled clothes, tangled hair and a face that had an equally confused expression.

Frail and depressed were the two words that came to mind as I saw her for the first time.

After our greetings and introductions we later on settled into a conversation about Men, Women and Relationships..

Carol was sad and upset as she talked in a surprisingly candid and neurotic tone when she said…

I don’t understand why Men don’t want me anymore..

When I was a teenager in the 70’s I was a hot little girl and every man wanted me and I could completely do as I pleased. I could get him to buy me drinks, take me out for expensive dates, and buy me gifts. And then I could get rid of him and another Man would quickly do the same. But now that doesn’t happen anymore..


There have been some special moments in my life when someone confides in me a personal story that truly moves me.

So here’s a story that I’d like to share with you so hopefully you can get an idea as to what REAL Character, Strength and Fortitude is all about.

Recently I was privileged to hear a personal story about a very special and profoundly beautiful young lady I’ll call Jennifer.

As with all personal stories concerning Russian people history always plays a huge role.

For most of these people the years surrounding the breakup of the Soviet Union was a completely chaotic and dangerous time to live in.

For Jennifer and her family this was certainly the case since they lived in the neighboring country of Kazakhstan during the collapse of the USSR.

When Kazakhstan declared itself as an independent country the indigenous Central Asian “Kazakhs” that lived there decided that it was time for some payback for the many years of iron fisted Soviet rule over their ancestral lands. Although they declared independence away from Moscow they didn’t necessarily stop there.


My Apologies Guys..

But for some reason my Spam filter is on overdrive and some of your comments are getting caught up in it..

If you post a comment and don’t see it right away don’t panic.  I’ll get around to it in a bit.  Keep in mind there’s a huge time difference here in Siberia with most of you guys in the States or around the World.

Please don’t let that discourage you from posting..

Just Do It!

And let your opinion or your admiration for these Incredible Ladies be heard..  😉

First off..

I guess this is a good time to announce that today we’ve broken the 4,000 new views per day mark!

As always I’m amazed at how far we’ve come in such a short time. And of course I’d like to welcome all of you new viewers from around the world to our humble little blog. This just gives me more belief and optimism that the ideas we represent here are picking up steam.

Or maybe it’s just the pictures of Beautiful Women…

Well in anycase let’s find out..

Now usually I group 3 unique pictures into our Photo Pages and Posts..

Today I’m going to re-show one of the previous ladies with a different photo because of the special lyrical contributions given to us by our special house poet and philosopher Mr. Editor Edison 🙂

Well EE.. this should give you more lyrical inspiration to lay down tracks to.. because it’s your favorite number my friend..

Cheers! 😉




So maybe there IS something going on with this Global Warming thing..

Right now in December the locals should be building their yearly ice castles in the local parks..   But they’re not… Can’t exactly make a cool looking fortress with slushy brown melting snow now can you?

The sidewalks should have at least a few inches of packed solid ice on them..  but they don’t.. instead we have wet melting ice that is completely treacherous to walk on.  You are almost safer trying to glide across it.

My friends in Moscow tell me that in some places the grass is growing and some trees are blooming..

The News channels say that the southern birds are wanting to migrate back up north early..  Along with the fact that the Polar Bears are having a hard time hibernating in wet snow..

Well I guess this is just Mother Natures way of balancing everything out.. If we are dealing with Global Warming then obviously this warmer spell will increase the growing season for plants.. which in turn will help to remove more CO2 out of the air.

The Ladies sure aren’t complaining about this Weather though..

Heck most of them wish that the rest of the Winter can stay like this.

Well I guess the sooner they can get back into their Sexy Spring Fashions the better! 😉

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