Ok Let’s face it..

We American’s generally DON’T know how to dress ourselves to an acceptable standard..

And yes I’m talking about us Men as well..

(Because we’ve already said more then a few things about the obvious lack of fashion sense that many American Women are deprived of.)

I don’t know how we lost our ability as a culture to look good.. but I think it has much to do with our desire to remain a class-less oriented society throughout our history along with the counter-culture and anti-establishment movements which grew from the 60’s on.

But of course any of this can simply be used to interpret us as a “classless” society as well.

Regardless of how this situation came about here’s the bottom line..

Unless you want to be seen as an uneducated homeless person or even a strange circus act by the beautiful Ladies here…

DON’T Dress like a “Typical” American when you come out to Russia.

Because as you may know from my other posts.. The Average Russian Woman puts a tremendous amount of time, effort and discipline into the way she looks. So therefore, it would be VERY wise for you as a Man to make good efforts towards this as well.

So if you want to have a Traditional and REAL Woman in your Life..

Then you will need to command her respect by being seen as a Traditional and REAL Man too.

Get it?

So to start with..

You can never go wrong with a decent dark or grey suit as a base to start from. So if you’re the kind of Guy who haven’t worn one in ages then now is the time to change that and to get re-fitted with one..

Don’t come over here wearing Jeans.. Wear dark classic iron-less slacks… no Dockers..

Don’t wear anything related to Athletic Shoes, Hiking Boots or Birkenstocks.. Wear a nice pair of dress shoes. and make sure they are ALWAYS polished and clean. Keep in mind that Russian Women have an interesting tradition of evaluating you as a Man by how your shoes look.. (and I think Forest Gump actually said the same too)

The only exception of course is if you are coming over in the winter and plan on spending lots of time outside.. Then you will need some appropriate winter boots but again make sure they are either black or darkly colored. (Most of the time you can still get away with dress shoes as long as you wear 2 to 3 pairs of wool or cotton socks for insulation.)

Obviously T-shirt are the Big No No.. Polo style shirts are not so hot either.

Buttoned single colored long sleeve dress shirts are the way to go.. and make sure you choose the right style for the season. You might not always have access to an iron so make sure you get something that doesn’t require much ironing if any.

If it’s winter time and you’ll need to wear some head cover to keep your skull from turning into a block of ice.. have someone take you to a local “Sharpka” store when you get here and pick a nice black leather hat that has ear flaps and an inner lining made of fur. A traditional Russian “sharpka” would also be interesting as well. In case you don’t know what this is you will know it as the “funny” looking fur hats that you’ve seen Russian Men wearing.

You can wear a traditional sports coat or a black leather jacket. (non-motorcyle style) if the weather is permitting. In the summer you can ditch this all together while in the winter you can wear a normal suit jacket or sport coat along with your heavy duty Arctic Jacket on top of it all.

Now if you are not sure on what to wear the easiest thing to do is to come over here and to have any Russia Lady guide you by taking you clothes shopping.. She will be a valuable source of information and this will be a great experience for you. Men’s clothes are relatively inexpensive over here and the quality is good too. So make sure you take advantage of this so you can go home looking like a million bucks along with that new million dollar smile on your face.

No one is asking you to be some obnoxious Metro-sexual..

But a little dose of Cary Grant or Sean Connery style-wise will do wonders for you in the respect and attention department.

Because the more “In-Command” you look the more “Command” you will gain..

Ok let’s talk about your weight..

If you are overweight and need to cut some pounds then do it.. Most young to middle aged Russian people are pretty trim and it’s usually because of the exercise they get from walking everywhere and the smaller proportions of food that they normally eat. Get in shape and keep your body fit when you arrive here.

You don’t want to spend all your money and time for this trip only to sabotage it all with a poor self-image.

You can truly find a dream girl in Russia but you don’t want any of them to reject you out of hand because your appearance is too out of step with what they normally view as acceptable and healthy.

Harness your desire for these Incredible Ladies as a catalyst for a major forward change in your life if you need it…

This is ESPECIALLY TRUE if you are an Older Man looking for a Younger Woman. Don’t come here looking like you are going to kick the bucket in a few years.. The first question any younger woman has in her mind when she meets an older suitor is..

“How long is he going to be around for me?”

If you take your health, appearance and your future plans for a long and prosperous life seriously.. then so will she.. and you will have a much greater chance towards creating a successful relationship because of this.

So as with all things Gentlemen..

The BEST things in LIFE require hard work, sacrifice and discipline.

NO ONE is going to magically give you a Russian Beauty because you just simply want one.

You will need to come as close as you can to her level of intent and seriousness when it comes to your character and direction..

And one of the best ways to show this is to look your ABSOLUTE BEST when you are either initially exchanging photos..

Or when you are looking into her eyes for the very first time..