My friend Anna in Berlin had an interesting observation that I wanted to pass along.

Hi there!
I am still checking your site everyday and now I understand why you were so impressed when you first came to Russia. In the beginning when I came to Germany I was always asked by my classmates if I had a party or a special event that I was going to because of the clothes that I wore. At first I didn’t understand and I thought.. “Why should I be going to be one?”

Now I understand. I am almost the only one who puts makeup on, wears clean clothes, and even combs my hair everyday!!!

These are all uncommon things here. But you know I don’t feel like they are different from me in a good way. They don’t understand why I get up in the morning a little bit earlier to tidy myself up! Strange…

Anyway, I can say now.. YOU WERE RIGHT! 🙂

Looks like there’s not much I can add on to that now can I?

Other then the fact that what she describes conjures up images in my mind that don’t look too good..

I think I’ll skip that future vacation to Germany for now and happily stay right where I’m at..

Unless of course they have more Beautiful Ladies like this… Cheers Anna 😉