Did you ever wonder why “Titanic” was the biggest grossing film of all time?

As you can guess it probably wasn’t because of the great special effects or the huge and lavish set re-creations..

No.. the real reason was because of the Profound Romance that existed between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet’s characters.

A Romance that stroked a primal nerve in EVERY Woman that saw it. A powerful emotional point in her heart that wanted to be touched again.. and again.. and again..

So what was the magic ingredient behind this film that put the World’s Women under it’s spell?

Well it’s a concept that is as old as the world itself.

And that is the story of a Man who does everything possible to SAVE his Damsel in Distress.

Now it seems like every Hollywood movie from Shrek to the Matrix has some related theme like this embedded within it.

So what was it about Titanic that made this story so “special”.

It was because of TWO Reasons..


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hero not only saved the girl from various physical danger but more importantly..

He saved her from living a life that wasn’t who she really was..

Or in other-words…

He saved her from living a Lie..

With Kate Winslet’s character we got the chance to watch a young woman opening up her soul towards experiencing life at it’s fullest potential for joy. A life removed from the false status, arrogance, and materialism which threatened to cloud her future as to what living freely really was.

For her it was the once in a lifetime chance to receive the real love and acceptance she needed in order to show the world her true self. And most importantly.. to feel empowered and happy for doing it.

She could stand up to the world simply because there was a Man standing beside her who loved her for who she truly was.

Once she experienced this love and freedom for the first time.. Her destiny was cast..

And we all knew it..


Leonardo DiCaprio’s Character gave this young woman something far more valuable and rarer then the priceless diamond pendant she wore around her neck.

It was the most valuable thing in existence..

Because it was Unconditional Love.

He simply loved her so much that even when his own life was coming to an end he made her swore that she would carry on to live the life she deserved.. The life he wanted her to have even-though he knew he could never be a part of it..

And in return she gave him her heart.. forever..

Now when I saw this film I realized that James Cameron was a genius for writing this story and framing it in a way that every woman in the world could instantly understand it’s emotional depth and power.

He understood very well that all Women have a Secret Desire..

And it’s a Desire that they’ve always had.. and always will have..

Because it is the Desire to be rescued..

No matter how old.. how experienced.. how jaded.. or how independent and confident she may seem to be..

She will always have this secret and overriding inner desire.

With this in mind..

The only question remaining is to know how honest any Woman actually is in admitting this to herself.

Because in our modern world it seems that to admit a desire like this is to unfortunately be seen as a “weak” or “flawed” person..

No matter what Feminists say in public about this subject their primary agenda will always be to attack this very concept of True and Sacred Love.

Because in their mind True Love is supposed to be about some politically correct and twisted idea of a relationship based on absolute “Equality”.

Which is funny because any meaningful test of Love was NEVER Supposed to be based on measures of “Equality”..

For many obvious reasons through the ages it was always meant to be tested and based on the “Self-Sacrifice” willingly given towards your beloved..

Now sometimes I can hardly blame the Feminist for feeling this way..

Because finding Real Love is the greatest and most difficult goal of all..

And it’s a goal that usually requires enormous patience along with tremendous Self-Sacrifice.

But unfortunately not everyone can reach this mountain top within their lives..

And this is a very hard and painful fact for anyone to accept who hasn’t been touched by this all encompassing feeling of oneness and redemption…

So sadly the only alternative for many “modern women” who lack true love in their lives is to deny it’s very existence by labeling the ability to even have it as a “Weakness”.

So when I hear some jealous Feminist trying to slander Russian Women by saying that they only want to be rescued..

I ask myself..

“Well what’s wrong with that!?”

“All Women want to be Rescued.. And that’s one of the things that makes them Real Women in the first place..”

Once I understood this for myself I realized that many of the Russian Women I’ve met are actually more HONEST about this (in a very quiet and proud way) then the Feminist themselves who would try to cut them down for it..

(By the way.. these Feminist of course are the same ones who also lined up to see Titanic multiple times..)

Now please don’t mistake what I’m saying here by thinking that a desire to be rescued means a lack of pride for any Russian Women. That would be the farthest thing from the truth and if you base your communications with them with this false idea in your head you will truly be sorry..

That’s because this wall of pride is like the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall all rolled into one..

Try to cross it the wrong way and you will immediately get shot down..

However as with all fortresses there is a Secret Door that requires a Secret Key to open..

So what is this Secret Key?

Well..It’s a little thing we call Sincerity..

And you only have a precious few chances at using it when you first approach her or when you are trying to understand who she really is inside of her heart.

For any Real Man this is not so complicated..

It’s because our Sincerity and Intent is something we prefer to naturally show..

You see although we may live in a confusing day and age where our own Manly impulses to rescue a Damsel in Distress may be criticized and even used against us. Our instinctive desire to do this is still and always will be a fundamental part of who we are.

Because at our purest form a Man was always supposed to play this role.

It’s simply because he cannot realize his true potential for chivalry, honesty, strength, leadership and sacrifice unless he does this.

And this is what being a Real Man is all about..

So if you really take a step back and look at the big picture.

You will realize the following simple formula..

Real Man + Real Woman = Real Love

And there is just NO WAY to cheat the accounting on this formula either.. It simply adds up or it doesn’t..

I’ve realized that the happiest couples I’ve ever met are the ones who totally get this.

For example, when the Wife happily refers to her Husband as “My Hero” and the Husband happily rises to play this role for her.. I know I am watching this magical formula in action.

Nice isn’t it?

And all it takes is for two people to be their TRUE and natural selves..

Yes of course as with many thing in life.. I know that this is easier said then done..

But Hey..

At least one part of that equation is out here..