So maybe there IS something going on with this Global Warming thing..

Right now in December the locals should be building their yearly ice castles in the local parks..   But they’re not… Can’t exactly make a cool looking fortress with slushy brown melting snow now can you?

The sidewalks should have at least a few inches of packed solid ice on them..  but they don’t.. instead we have wet melting ice that is completely treacherous to walk on.  You are almost safer trying to glide across it.

My friends in Moscow tell me that in some places the grass is growing and some trees are blooming..

The News channels say that the southern birds are wanting to migrate back up north early..  Along with the fact that the Polar Bears are having a hard time hibernating in wet snow..

Well I guess this is just Mother Natures way of balancing everything out.. If we are dealing with Global Warming then obviously this warmer spell will increase the growing season for plants.. which in turn will help to remove more CO2 out of the air.

The Ladies sure aren’t complaining about this Weather though..

Heck most of them wish that the rest of the Winter can stay like this.

Well I guess the sooner they can get back into their Sexy Spring Fashions the better! 😉