Many years ago when I was back in California I was driving up to a seminar and had volunteered to pick up another lady on a car pool list who was also attending it.

Let’s call this Woman “Carol”.

Carol looked like she was in her early to mid 40’s. Typical nature-mama look with disheveled clothes, tangled hair and a face that had an equally confused expression.

Frail and depressed were the two words that came to mind as I saw her for the first time.

After our greetings and introductions we later on settled into a conversation about Men, Women and Relationships..

Carol was sad and upset as she talked in a surprisingly candid and neurotic tone when she said…

I don’t understand why Men don’t want me anymore..

When I was a teenager in the 70’s I was a hot little girl and every man wanted me and I could completely do as I pleased. I could get him to buy me drinks, take me out for expensive dates, and buy me gifts. And then I could get rid of him and another Man would quickly do the same. But now that doesn’t happen anymore..

Now since I had vivid memories of being on the receiving end of this kind of evil sexual manipulation..

I just wanted to stop the car and say..

You Stupid Bitch!

You got what you deserved.. you wasted the best years of your life throwing Men out like pieces of trash when you should have used that precious time to find someone who would love you for the rest of your days.. You played with fire and now you’re going to pay the price until you are old and gray..

Part of me REALLY wished that I would have said that to her..

But the other part of me just said to relax and to let an unforgiving Mother Nature do the talking for me instead. As each passing year would creep forward for her it was obvious that Carol was condemned to a prison from which there was no escape.

It’s because she made the WORST Judgment a Woman can do in her Life..

She FAILED to realize that Lasting Love is MUCH MORE Valuable and HARDER to Find then any number of Men with a few more Dollars in their pockets.

However there was simply no need for me to tell her this important truth..

Because my silent response was far more punishing to her then what my words could ever say.

For all intensive purposes this woman had become addicted to what I call the “Prostitute’s Game”.

She foolishly thought that the free ride for her as a Woman would last forever..

She was like the jaded prostitute who judged all Men only by the size of their wallets and in doing this she actually turned herself into a mere commodity.

A commodity that was already cheap to start with.. but now at this point in her life even when it was “free” there were no more men willing to accept it.

(Maybe except for the bi-polar, alcoholic, and nearly homeless artist that she claimed she had sex with 6 months previously)

Now unfortunately there are large numbers of materialistic women around the world and in Russia who fit this description. I met one the other day who was trying to impress me with how much of a “Queen” she thought she was because of her looks and it reminded me of Carol’s story.

On one hand it’s hilarious to see foolish Women acting this way..

But on the other hand it’s a total tragedy.

Because they always assume that they will stay young and beautiful forever. And they just never consider the future which is always closer then they think when their looks and hopes have faded with the wind.

It reminds me of an airplane that is dropping into a steep dive.

  • At what point does the pilot need to safely pull up before he crashes into the ground?
  • At what point in these Women’s lives do they cross the point of no return..
  • At what point in their “fun” and exploitative lifestyle did they just lose the last chance to have a Good Man in their life..
  • Just who was this remaining Good Man who stepped onto the last train leaving her station when she thought that more would come..

Mother Nature can be so often cruel and unforgiving.

So many people just never realize the exact moment they consign their lives to Hell when it happens..

And insidiously enough for them.. it is usually within the addictive haze of some fleeting experience of “freedom and fun” that this moment actually happens.

Or in other words.. she just can’t stop doing it because she like it way too much.

(Kinda like how an addiction to cigarettes can kill you many years after your enjoyment of smoking them is done..)

And so many women like Carol never realize it until it’s just way too late.

In the US and in the West this point of no return for a Woman is typically somewhere in her mid to late 30’s.

While in the unforgiving and merciless dating environment that Russian Women face over here.. this range is more between her mid 20’s to early 30’s.

So especially when I see a small percentage of Russian Girls in their early to mid 20’s playing this exploitative game against Men..

A part of me just want’s to scream at them..

Hey you STUPID Girl!

Don’t you know that TIME is NOT on your side as a Woman! Keep on playing this game and you will be forced to play it FOREVER!

But then common sense takes over as I take a deep breath.. exhale.. and shut my lips..

And again I allow Mother Nature to take over and to speak for me with her silence..

A silence that speaks with so much more darkness and eloquence…

Like it did on that drive with Carol so many years ago.