First Off..

I wanted to wish all of you fans of “Russian Women the Real Truth” a Safe, Wonderful, Warm and Merry Christmas!

Also we FINALLY have more then enough snow in Siberia to go around for all of you wanting your own Little White Christmas too!

Keep in mind that in Russia they don’t celebrate Christmas until January 7th because they base it off of the Old Orthodox Calendar.

But if you were here today you would still be surprised at just how many of them knew that “our” Christmas was today and I certainly got more then my share of phone calls, text messages and emails to prove it.

And yes if feels great..

So on this very special day I’d like to make a small request to all of you readers.

Please take a minute in silence to wish all of these ladies here a Great Christmas.. It’s great to send good energy their way because they certainly deserve it and more then a few of them may be facing various challenges right now. Also since this blog is read by so many of the ladies you’ve seen photos of please be sure to wish all of them a Happy Holidays as well on the comments section below too!

And to cap it all off..

Here is a photo of two fine young ladies who were at a local party showing off their (ahem) “Holiday Cheer”. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy! πŸ™‚