Well the beautiful and shy lady that I talked about inWhy It’s Hard for Russian Women to Show Feelings” is finally on her way to New York and Miami today.

There’s an interesting story here because of how she decided to “prepare” herself for this trip.

Aside from the excellent progress she’s made in practicing her English… She must have still thought that the US is populated with millions of beautiful models running around because she said that it was necessary for her to “look her best” before she arrived.

Now keep in mind that this lady is about 5 feet 7 inches tall with a perfectly proportioned muscular body due to the fact that she swims 2 kilometers 5 days a week. Her nearly waist length blond hair along with her jade green eyes and high cheek bones would easily get her into the finals of any beauty contest in the world..

Or into the Playboy Mansion..

Even with all of these “attributes” she still told me that she wanted to lose 3 extra kilos (6.6 lbs) so that she could comfortably walk around Miami as she says in her summer clothes (or lack there of).

So when her surprising words finally registered in my brain.. my face must have dropped off the table and bounced on the floor as I said..

Woman are you Crazy?!
Why in the Hell do you want to lose any more weight?

Now besides the fact that her face turned Bright Red as her shyness started to shoot out into the upper atmosphere.. she still managed to give me a Huge Smile along with a Warm, Appreciative and Heartfelt Giggle.

And yes it was one of those Classic Moments in life that you can witness as a Man..

It actually reminded me of the first time I saw a brilliant and glowing Meteor streaking across the nighttime sky..

So over the next few weeks instead of the usual 2 km swim at 8 in the morning… She also added an additional 2 hour exercise routine at the end of her work day on top of this!

So just when I was thinking that there was NO WAY that this already beautiful lady could physically improve her appearance any further..

She strolls into our last English practice the other day and demonstrates to me that indeed…

Sometimes Life can TRULY Imitate Art..

Especially if that Art comes from the likes of a High Resolution Tomb Raider video game or out of the pages of a Special Edition X-Men comic book..

So Let me just put it to you this way..

If you ever thought that the Video Game rendered version of Laura Croft’s figure was just the figment of some teenage boy’s crazed and testosterone charged fantasy..

Think again..

Because as she walked in and sat down in front of me..

I was thinking to myself that the conservative (but snug) clothes she was wearing should actually be replaced with some skin tight black leather Super Hero costume instead..

Because given the things that I know about her I can honestly tell you that this is another side of who she really is.

But as with all interesting Comic Book Stories..

She’s still in the phase where she doesn’t even realize that she’s a Super Hero yet..

So to all of you guys in New York and Miami who are reading this blog..

Make sure you pay special attention because there is a very brilliant Meteor rapidly approaching your way..

A Meteor that comes in the form of a Woman with exceptional all-around characteristics who will be exploring your neighborhood..

Keep in mind that you will only see her in public as a beautiful, shy and mild mannered Russian Lady from Siberia…

However, if any of you guys are lucky enough to come into contact with her..

Make sure you help her to realize her True Secret Identity by saying..

“Hey Aren’t you that Meteor Girl?”

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