I Gotta tell you word travels REAL quick in this town..

So if a Man comes over here and does something TOTALLY Stupid everyone is going to know about it VERY quickly… Especially Me..

Basically it starts with a friend of a friend of a friend who is a local Taxi Driver with an incredible story to tell.

A few weeks ago he was hired to be the personal driver for some relatively well off Man from America who had been corresponding with a local girl here for some time.

This Guy thinks he’s being a “Real Hero” for helping out some Beautiful but “poor and unfortunate” Girl anyway he can..

He hears one tragedy after another that has befallen this Woman..

“Her Dad died, her Grandmother died, her Dog died…” and on and on..

So now she and her poor brother have no one to help them to survive the ravages of this Winter..

…and if she could just get some assistance from a loving and generous Man she would be “his” forever…

So what does our “brilliant” Mr. Hero do?

Yup.. you got it.. He wires her cash..

First it was “this amount”.. Then it was “that amount”..

But of course she “needed” more and more for “that reason”.. and then “this reason”..

And oh by the way she appreciates what he’s doing soooo much that she would “Love him forever” and certainly be his future young bride..

So guess how much dough this guy ships over to her during the entire time up to his arrival?

Try 100 Thousand Dollars..

So he flies into town with an additional 2 grand in gifts that he’s going to present to her. He happily meets with his “future bride” and she suddenly tells him..

“I want you to LEAVE Russia NOW and never talk to me again..”

“WHAT!!! What about all of MY MONEY! I want it BACK!”

She calmly replies..

“Take your gifts back.. leave Russia and go home now before I call the Police and tell them that you are threatening me… If you don’t leave now you will be thrown into a Russian Jail..”

So “Mr. Hero” in anger and desperation consults with Mr. Taxi Man and gives him some money to do some “investigations” for him..

And as his “future bride” had correctly stated it was discovered that there was Absolutely NOTHING he could do.. and in fact.. her “younger brother” was of course her live in boyfriend..

So what’s the Moral to this story Boys and Girls?

Do I really need to say it again?

Sigh.. unfortunately I do because of Idiots like this Guy..


Now normally this BASIC LESSON would end here but there are obviously some deeper issues that should be addressed.

Let me just say this..

I don’t feel sorry for this Guy one iota..

Would I hold Gravity accountable if a Man decides to jump off a building and get’s killed?

“Mr. Hero” got what he deserved in more way then you can imagine.. In some ways I don’t even fault the woman in this story because his stupidity in my opinion over-rides even her evil, greed and deception..

Am I being too hard on this “Poor Unfortunate Soul”?

No I’m not and let me tell you why..

As with all things.. this event has now started it’s own little destructive “Ripple Effect”..

  • How many un-scrupulous Russian Girls who hear of this will now go out and do the same thing?
  • How many good Western Men who hear this will have the idea re-enforced that “all Russian Women are thieves who are only out to exploit them”?
  • How many legitimate Russian Women who hear this will only have their stereotypes of Western Men re-enforced as Desperate Men who only want to “Buy a Wife”.
  • How many future relationships will this event sabatoge for others?

You starting to get the picture?

This is just what we all needed.. another vicious cycle of mistrust and prejudice to fight against..

On top of that let’s take a deeper look at this guy..

Unfortunately he fits too easily the profile of one type of Man I’ve written about previously..

On one level this Guy probably actually believed that he was being a “True Hero” in trying to help this “Poor Girl” out..

But on a deeper level he was just trying to buy himself a lifetime whore because money is the only thing he’s got and their ain’t much else he can show to represent himself as a Man..

And Gentlemen listen very carefully..

Any Man who needs to prove his value to others and especially to Women primarily through money..

…is Not a Real Man..

He’s just an everyday street “John” looking to pay for some fellatio in the front seat of his car in some dark alley..

So excuse me while I jump all over “John’s” Stupid Ass.

Because he’s certainly part of the PROBLEM and not any part of the solution that I’ve been working hard to promote..