Sometimes I honestly can’t get over the fact that I’m living here.

When I first arrived in Russia several years ago everything was one BIG Culture Shock after another.

Of course the Biggest Culture Shock of all were the Women..

Because what I encountered truly went well beyond anything that I had originally imagined or anticipated.

Not only did these Girls Obviously “Look” different..

But they sure as heck “Acted” differently too..

So as silly as this may sound..

It really did feel like I was surrounded by Alien Princesses that you could only see on celluloid.

From Princess Leia in Star Wars to the nameless native girl in the original Star Gate film..

I’m sure there are tons of others you can name but quite frankly now that I live here.. I really can’t remember who they are anymore..


Take a look at these latest photos and let me know if you also start to forget..