If you want an Interesting Girl.. Be an Interesting Guy..


If you want a Incredible Relationship.. Make sure you know what it takes to have an Incredible Relationship..

And the list goes on and on..

So besides the obvious.. why are these points so relevant in your search for some incredible woman on this side of the world?


It’s because I can see a clear difference between the Men with the right magic who have successful relationships..

And the ones that don’t.

So what is this magic you ask?

It’s called..

S A C R I F I C E..

So let me elaborate..

We Men are naturally creatures of habit.. the older we get the more we tend to look at ourselves and the world in a particular way..

And too often this way is Fixed..

Static, Stagnant, Dead, or whatever you want to call it..

In our ideal fantasy.. we are Kings of our Castle and we just need our future Queen to have the “right” mental attitude..

And of course that attitude is for her to know that we are ALWAYS RIGHT.. (Right???)

Or better yet..

We just want Someone to “Love and Accept” us “just the way we are”..

But in the back of our heads we are also thinking..

“Yeah AND I also want her to be a Beauty Queen and Sex Goddess too!”

So are you Gentlemen starting to see the “Disconnect” in this all too common perception?

Or in the infinitely wise words of my Navy Seal friend..

“Everybody Always Wants Something for NOTHING..”

So it’s Real Simple and Clear Gentlemen..

The Men who come here wanting “Something for Nothing” and who are unwilling to make significant sacrifices to achieve their dreams always end up failing.

Even if they “get” the Girl they dreamed about we are still looking at a “delayed failure” down the road.

Let me give you a silly little example..

When I was a kid I used to dream about having my own Jet Fighter..

The F-15 had just been introduced and it was the “baddest” looking flying machine I had ever seen in my life.. And someday I wanted to have a Real One!

So as a teenager when I became a little bit “older and wiser” I started to realize..

“Hmm maybe owning an F-15 is going to be pretty tough to do..”

  • There are dozens of hours of maintenance time required for every single hour of flight time..
  • Where am I going to keep this thing?
  • How am I going to get one?
  • How am I going to learn how to take care of it.. let alone fly it?
  • How am I going to afford thousands of gallons of military grade Jet Fuel?
  • Do I need to get insurance for this thing?
  • What would the neighbors think?

Starting to get it?

Because even if this F-15 magically materialized in my backyard.. I would still be TOTALLY Screwed..

So as a result of these realizations..

I settled with the idea that the meticulously assembled and painted 1:48 scale Revell model still sitting in my closest is probably going to be the closest I ever get towards owning an F-15.

Likewise the Guys who come out here believing that they can get an “F-15” for cheap are in for a rude surprise..

And unfortunately instead of looking at themselves and admitting to their own childish naivete’ many of them end up bad mouthing the Girls and this whole process when they inevitably fail.

It’s a little like the spoiled kid who never studies.. fails the exam.. and then blames the teacher..

Did any of you ever know a teacher who gave good marks to any kid who failed an exam and had a spoiled attitude on top of it?

I’m guessing probably not.. But at the same time there will always be a percentage of Men who come over thinking that money alone without any efforts towards self-improvement on their part will allow them to capture the heart of their “Perfect 10”.

So by now we should all understand that this is the oldest game in the book.. because Money is simply NO SUBSTITUTE for the Irreplaceable Manly Virtues of..

  • Effort
  • Character
  • Humility
  • Sincerity
  • Class
  • Cultivation

So when these “Gentlemen” go in and date women as if they were prostitutes..

Guess what kind of Woman they end up attracting and having in their lives?

Not a pretty picture of marital bliss I assure you.

So when I hear stories about Guys who have been “burned” by their efforts in searching for a Beautiful Russian Wife.. I never really focus on the “evil woman” who “did” this..

Instead I always focus and start asking questions in my mind about HIM..

“Just what did he do to screw this up?”

I ask these questions because at some point all of us have to take responsibility for any of the “misfortunes” that have “happened” in our lives..

And as strange as this may sound there is a very deep and empowering truth behind it..

It’s because this is the only way we Men can move our lives forward in order to achieve our Real Dreams.

We simply attract what we are along our given levels of Class and Cultivation..

We sure as Hell can’t change the “Bad Girls” in this world. And wasting any more time and energy on being bitter towards them AIN’T Gonna Do Anything…

No Gentlemen the only factor that you have any control over in changing has always been the same..

Because it’s YOU..

So unless you are able to walk on water keep this very simple concept in mind..

  • Don’t change.. come over.. and get ready to FAIL..


  • Take a real and honest look at yourself… as hard as that may be..
  • Own and take responsibility for it..
  • Make the adjustments you need to make..
  • Then come over.. and get ready to FLOURISH..

Now saying this I’d like to add one final point..

Sometimes we all need some inspiration to know what is possible in our lives before we are actually able to take the bull by the horns and do what’s needed..

For many Men including myself this inspiration came by taking that very first trip to Russia to see, hear and feel with my own senses what these Women were truly like.

Because once you allow that Intrepid Explorer that exists in every one of you to come out and see the “Real World”.

Your path is forever set..

And the Determination, Will and Energy you need to summon to make the right changes in your life becomes that much easier to do..

More than Half the Battle is already won when you reach this and realize that any ambiguity that may have clouded your judgement in the past.. now thankfully gone..

And you are instead left with a new found peace and a priceless “Moment of Clarity” that will not easily leave you..

It’s because this “Moment of Clarity” is one of those BIG THINGS in Life that you’ve always wanted..

It’s simply the realization that although you may not have actually met your future wife yet..

You at least finally know that SHE IS HERE.

And “Her” energy permeates almost everywhere you travel throughout Russia as you “Feel” and realize the reality behind this Gigantic Potential.

If you do what comes Naturally and Surrender yourself to this..

Then I am sure that you will move Heaven and Earth to complete it.

And any changes that need to be done to make it happen will suddenly pall in comparison to the future that you are building for yourself…

… and for Her too.