Those of you who have read my previous articles know just how disgusted I feel when anyone refers to any Russian Woman as a “Mail Order Bride”.

This was certainly the case yesterday when I found a Wikipedia article entitled “Mail Order Bride” that probably was written by a group of Feminists.

The main implication of the article was that ANY Woman who is from a non-western country who joins an introduction agency is a M.O.B.

So if this is the case.. then what does that make any American or Western Women who joins service like Yahoo Personals,, or eHarmony?

Is it possible to get married to any of “these women” solely through seeing their profile on a web catalog and sending some money?


Besides the fact that there is NO SUCH THING as a Mail Order Bride to begin with…

It is clear that this is one of the most derogatory and degrading terms possible for Women anywhere.

And unfortunately it’s probably going to stick around for a while as long as certain nefarious groups continue to promote it for their own agenda.

Unfortunately I’ve know that the M.O.B. label is often used by unscrupulous agencies and front companies who are trying to pass off Russian Women as cheap commodities that are easily attainable.

The motive behind these groups are obvious.

They simply wish to hook as many bottom of the barrel or “Lowest Common Denominator” Guys as possible and make a few quick bucks in the process.

And unfortunately there will always be a percentage of Guys who are dumb enough to actually believe this crap..

This is disheartening enough..

But the really bad part is this..

As long as Mail Order Brides can be used as a wide spread label against Russian and FSU Women..

It serves as a Very Effective and Classic SMEAR Tool for the Feminist to SCARE OFF any Quality Western Men and Russian Women from attempting a relationship with each other.

This is why M.O.B. is often the first tag that any Feminist would try to pin on anyone who see’s the value in looking beyond their own country for a lasting relationship.

Clearly the underlying motive in slandering people with the M.O.B. tag is to prevent and discourage additional competition.

And the BEST way to do this would be to encourage the “Lowest Common Denominators” to establish relationships with each other under the “shadiest” of motives.

It should go without saying that the probably of achieving lasting success or happiness with this type of pretense is quite low..

That’s why highlighting any failures of M.O.B.’s works so well against our cause in the general court of public (but un-enlightened) opinion.

Here’s another way to look at this.

A company like Sony can put out thousands of excellent products that are of the highest quality.

But all it takes for their company’s reputation and their market share to slide dramatically are a few bad products.

If I were Sony’s competitor.. the smartest thing I could do would be to quietly promote the bad products and to make sure their problems are spotlighted in the general media.

In the case of M.O.B.’s it actually get’s worse because this “branding” turns into a vicious cycle..

The M.O.B. tag is widespread enough that even various agencies and websites have used it to market themselves to naive and lonely Men who may only be aware of this label as they try to search the Internet for true love.

And as many of these Men get burned in the process.. the Feminists are laughing their asses off every time and saying..


And a disgusting and soiled fan continues to spin and splatter everything in the room with it’s muck..

So if any of you people are planning on going through a Marriage Agency..

At the very least AVOID any of them that use the M.O.B. tag..

Better yet..

Forward them a copy of this post..

In the meantime..

Can someone please go onto Wikipedia and straighten that entry out?