A Growing number of Western Men have woken up to the fact that there is a terrible war being waged against ourselves and the families that we aspire to create and nurture..

Up until now many of us have rightfully pointed our fingers at Feminism as a prime source of erosion against the very foundations of Family and Society.

Indeed Feminism has created a 40 year rein of destruction which has greatly succeeded in degrading our liberties as Men and thus the future pursuit of happiness which we work so hard for..

A TRUE Pursuit of happiness can only find it’s greatest realization in the Marriages that we commit ourselves to.. and ultimately in the children that we raise…

Children that someday will carry themselves into the future with the wisdom, experience and love that we give them now.

Although we readily see the effects of Feminism in almost every aspect of our society the REAL TRUTH is that the Women who identify themselves as Feminists are only duped pawns in a much greater Machiavellian gambit to destroy the critical pillars of Western Civilization.

In this game.. the Feminist were ALWAYS meant to be exploited and expendable as long as the INVISIBLE Players who manipulated them prevailed in the end.

This is a Global Game where the stakes are HUGE and only one winner can be left standing..

And frankly speaking the future outcome of Western Civilization being the one “left standing” is in some doubt.

When we examine history we begin to understand a simple reality about disruptive movements such as Feminism.

This reality states that Feminism CANNOT exist without a deeper and HIDDEN POWER SOURCE which feeds and directs it..