A Growing number of Western Men have woken up to the fact that there is a terrible war being waged against ourselves and the families that we aspire to create and nurture..

Up until now many of us have rightfully pointed our fingers at Feminism as a prime source of erosion against the very foundations of Family and Society.

Indeed Feminism has created a 40 year rein of destruction which has greatly succeeded in degrading our liberties as Men and thus the future pursuit of happiness which we work so hard for..

A TRUE Pursuit of happiness can only find it’s greatest realization in the Marriages that we commit ourselves to.. and ultimately in the children that we raise…

Children that someday will carry themselves into the future with the wisdom, experience and love that we give them now.

Although we readily see the effects of Feminism in almost every aspect of our society the REAL TRUTH is that the Women who identify themselves as Feminists are only duped pawns in a much greater Machiavellian gambit to destroy the critical pillars of Western Civilization.

In this game.. the Feminist were ALWAYS meant to be exploited and expendable as long as the INVISIBLE Players who manipulated them prevailed in the end.

This is a Global Game where the stakes are HUGE and only one winner can be left standing..

And frankly speaking the future outcome of Western Civilization being the one “left standing” is in some doubt.

When we examine history we begin to understand a simple reality about disruptive movements such as Feminism.

This reality states that Feminism CANNOT exist without a deeper and HIDDEN POWER SOURCE which feeds and directs it..

This HIDDEN POWER SOURCE is like a perfectly camouflaged Predator because it relies on it’s Stealth to surprise and vanquish it’s prey.

It is an Enemy that can remain hidden and essentially “non-existent” from the general public’s awareness..

And because of this.. it only grows in strength and lethality.

And almost always.. it’s victims have absolutely no idea what hit them.

Although Western Women are indirectly targeted as manipulated participants to be used up and discarded.. or as Lenin once said.. “useful idiots”…

In reality the Enemy’s spear is squarely aimed at Western Men.

And the razor sharp point of this spear may pierce a Man in many ways..

  • Loss of Marriage
  • Loss of Children
  • False Accusations
  • Loss of Income
  • Loss of Home
  • Loss of Hope
  • And Unfortunately even the Loss of his very Life

These devastating losses are happening to huge numbers of Men without warning because they simply cannot defend against something that they don’t know.

So it is on this note that I wish to do my part to illuminate the truth behind this Adversary’s Identity..

And hopefully to call other Men to arms in the process..

Gentlemen the Unfortunate truth we need to face is that Communism and Marxism never really died.

Although Communism as an economic system has totally been discredited and has largely collapsed on it’s own…

The hidden evil behind it’s agenda is STILL very much with us today..

You see Communism ran away from the Economic War it couldn’t win…

And ran towards the Cultural War that it could..

Any in doing so it has firmly entrenched itself into our daily lives to become the Greatest Threat and the Greatest Adversary we have ever known..

It is simply bent on destroying our Society from within.. by destroying our Families first..

That is why we call this Greatest of Adversaries…


Cultural Marxism has an elegantly simple yet encompassing and terrible purpose..

It gradually turns people into cultural, political and financial SLAVES to the State..

And there is a Simple STEP BY STEP game plan towards achieving this ULTIMATE measure of Slavery.

  • STEP ONE – Destabilize People by Destroying the Family
  • STEP TWO – Create an addictive dependency that they need to rely on instead
  • STEP THREE – Become the only one who can feed it
  • STEP FOUR – Convince them that this is actually the “best thing” for them
  • STEP FIVE – Repeat Cycle

Cultural Marxism is STEP ONE – Destabilize People by Destroying the Family

This is the most important step simply because if it’s accomplished the following steps will easily follow.

People who come from strong, supportive and loving families are FAR Less susceptible to the “Drug Dealer” whether he comes in the form of a street corner crack pusher..

Or as a slick looking Socialist in an expensive suit who “Feels Your Pain..”

And the “Drug Dealer” knows this well..

So in order to increase his “Market Share” he’s going to do some seriously smooth “Jive Talking” to all the Boys and Girls in the neighborhood.. Because he’s going to easily manipulate them into rejecting their families.

He’s going to sell words and concepts like “Sexual Expression”, “Multiculturalism”, “Individuality”, “Freedom from Marriage”..

And of course he’s going to push a word that is the biggest lie of all to these children..


The “Drug Dealer” knows that he can more easily push his “offerings” for the long term if he makes it “cool” for these Kids to rebel against traditional values and to reject their families.. He can simply do this by making families and the “Restrictions” that come with them seem as if they are “Un-Fair” or “Un-Cool”.

It’s quite easy for him to do this because he’s tapping into an existing and instinctive desire for these kids to be “free”.

But worst of all..

The “Drug Dealer” completely wins if he can stifle any people who oppose him by playing a simple Reverse Psychology trick..

All he has to do is to get the people who oppose him labeled as “Racists”, “Chauvinists”, “Homophobic”, “Violent”, “Losers” or any number of other familiar terms by a vocal group of his supporters..

And once he’s able to do that..

He COMPLETELY Silences any dissent..

So as the “Drug Dealer” gradually starts to tear families apart more children start running to him for “Protection” and “Guidance”.

And in return he becomes their new “Father”.

And this “Father” tells his children the following..

Children.. I LOVE you sooo much..

That’s why I NEVER want you to leave my home.. As a matter of fact I have decided that it’s in your best interests and safety to live under my roof for the rest of your life..

It’s a difficult, dangerous and “painful” world out there.

And because there are so many other children out there who are also in “pain”..

I want you to urge them to take the same “medicine” that you are taking from me now..

Do this and obey me.. and in return you will ALWAYS have a place to sleep and food to eat.. You will never be on the streets as a starving homeless bum dying in the gutter.. But of course without my “protection” this is what will happen to you..

So while you readers are thinking about the “Drug Dealer” let me ask you this..

What would you think of the people who ended up becoming a part of the “Drug Dealer’s family”?

Would they have a happy and fulfilling life?

Or would they be self-destructive?

When you live in Russia and you see first hand the existing legacy of 3 generations of people who were part of the “Drug Dealer’s family” you can easily answer the above questions without any speculation.

It’s simply because apathy, depression, addictions, anger, self-doubt and nihilism are STILL very much part of this society even after the “Drug Dealer” was supposed to have officially left town over 15 years ago..

Now as you think about these self-destructive traits I now want you to think about the traits that any typical Feminist or “Modern Woman” would have..

Starting to see some parallels?

In more ways then you can imagine these “Womyn” have already been long time members of the “Drug Dealer’s family”

And the tragedy for them is that they don’t even realize it…


(End of Part 1 – for more information on Cultural Marxism click here)