February 2007

Sorry PETA..

But I absolutely LOVE the sight of a Russian Lady in a Fur Coat.

When you live in a place like Siberia there is just nothing more incredible to look at especially during the long winters here.

And you know what the greatest thing is?

The Russian Ladies who wear these coats are COMPLETELY guilt free when they walk around in them. As a matter of fact they are damn proud of their coats and rightfully so.

You see not only do these coats look stunning but they also keep these ladies REAL WARM too. (wow what a concept)

In fact these FUR Coats work so well that there’s a big volume of business for them.. There are countless specialty outlets in Russia which offer a huge selection of coats, jackets, hats (sharpkas), and even sexy looking boots all made from different types of REAL Animal Fur…

And I COMPLETELY Support It.

Sorry Again PETA..

But I don’t care what kind of guilt trip you TRY to throw at me either..


I was invited by a friend to go have some free food and drinks at his company’s party which was being held in the same disco that I went to a few nights ago.

Needless to say there were a number of girls there that were just simply stunning.

Now the cool thing about any big party in Russia is that they always organize some type of staged entertainment for the guests.

For example they always have an MC who does the announcements and introduces the various acts for the show.

And tonight’s show had about 5 different dancing groups doing everything from ballet, waltzes, belly dances and hip hop. There were also 2 bands doing dance music and some opera singers doing one or two Russian classics in a different set.

A real mix of cultural offerings no doubt.

In any case the girls who were involved in this show really caught my eye so I gave it my best shot to try to get some decent photos of them..

Now these images aren’t the highest quality in the world since it comes from a camera phone..

But hey you should get the idea..




To my surprise one hundred stories high
People getting loose now, getting down on the roof
Folks screaming, out of control
It was so entertaining when the boogie started to explode
I heard somebody say

(burn baby burn) disco inferno
(burn baby burn) burn that mother down
(burn baby burn) disco inferno
(burn baby burn) burn that mother down

Satisfaction came in a chain reaction
I couldnt get enough, so I had to self-destruct
The heat was on, rising to the top
Everybody is going strong, and that is when my spark got hot
I heard somebody say

(burn baby burn) disco inferno
(burn baby burn) burn that mother down
(burn baby burn) disco inferno
(burn baby burn) burn that mother down

Up above my head
I hear music in the air
That makes me know
Theres a party somewhere

(just cant stop) when my spark gets hot
(just cant stop) when my spark gets hot

Music & Lyrics by the Trammps



When I was in High School I think I probably had the biggest crush in the Entire Universe for a girl named Kate Shanons.

Kate was magnificent..

She was quiet and soft spoken.

She was also kind and willing to give a guy like me the time of day.

And this is why I probably fell in love with her..

As fate would have it.. She was also easily the most Beautiful Girl I had ever seen during my 4 years in High School.. if not during my ENTIRE LIFE..

All 15 years of it that is..

If her long curly brunette hair, cobalt blue eyes and petite 5 foot 5 frame didn’t kill you..

Then her elegant and sympathetic smile would..

Right around this time Hollywood released “The Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields playing the part of a teenage beauty who was stranded on a remote South Pacific island with only another teenage boy to keep her “company”.

Now as much as I dreamed about being stranded on a deserted island in similar circumstances with Kate Shannons that wish simply wasn’t going to come true.

Because Unfortunately I don’t think I was the only young man in that High School who felt that way.


A few days ago I received an email from a friend out of Southern California.

Let’s call him Jim.

Jim was one of the first guys I ever knew who had enough guts to travel to Russia to look for a wife.

His email was a refreshing reminder of something that is a hot topic in this blog… and that is simply how realistic it is for any Man to have a wife who is significantly younger then him.

But before we talk about what was in his email..

Let’s talk a little about his adventure in Russia first..

Jim is a successful man in his mid 40’s and had been in and out of the singles scene with the “California Girls” that were supposed to offer him a slice of heaven but delivered dating hell instead.

Somewhere along the way he got wise to his situation and realized that he needed to seriously “expand his horizons”.

Luckily for him..

When Jim first arrived in Siberia over 3 years ago he basically experienced the closest thing to Love at First site that I had ever heard of.

Because after dealing with a long series of frustrating dates with a woman who clearly wasn’t right for him he was ready to give up and go home. He was in the process of making arrangements to go home early when he walked into my friend’s office and saw a young lady who just immediately floored him with her shy beauty and gentle energy.


Think back for a second..

When was the last time you’ve actually seen a Woman making clothes?

Or even doing minor repairs with them.

Now I’m sure some of you may know someone who is a skilled tailor but on the whole is this something that you really feel is common with the Women around you?

I’m willing to bet that this is exceedingly rare with most Modern Women and if that’s the case..

Then the ability for Women to make their own clothes is a dying art form is the West.

From my own perspective this is something that I have known ever since I was young as I started noticing old Singer sewing machines being tossed out in the garbage or pawned off as antiques in some garage sale..

Ok.. So maybe somewhere in the Modern Woman’s mind there is a belief which says that making your own clothes can never be as good as buying them at the local department store and racking up huge credit card charges in the process.

Maybe they actually BELIEVE that they look better, sexier, classier, or even more hip as long as they can spend endless hours of window shopping in some mega-mall to find the magic outfit that will turn them into the next hot modeling talent waiting to be discovered by some guy in Paris named Pierre’.

But then again..

Isn’t it going to be kind of hard to pull this off especially if sweats, t-shirts and tennis shoes seem like the constant IN thing for them?

So I scratched my head and started to think..

“Maybe there are more women who actually want to be the next MTV hip hop VJ then I thought..”


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