Think back for a second..

When was the last time you’ve actually seen a Woman making clothes?

Or even doing minor repairs with them.

Now I’m sure some of you may know someone who is a skilled tailor but on the whole is this something that you really feel is common with the Women around you?

I’m willing to bet that this is exceedingly rare with most Modern Women and if that’s the case..

Then the ability for Women to make their own clothes is a dying art form is the West.

From my own perspective this is something that I have known ever since I was young as I started noticing old Singer sewing machines being tossed out in the garbage or pawned off as antiques in some garage sale..

Ok.. So maybe somewhere in the Modern Woman’s mind there is a belief which says that making your own clothes can never be as good as buying them at the local department store and racking up huge credit card charges in the process.

Maybe they actually BELIEVE that they look better, sexier, classier, or even more hip as long as they can spend endless hours of window shopping in some mega-mall to find the magic outfit that will turn them into the next hot modeling talent waiting to be discovered by some guy in Paris named Pierre’.

But then again..

Isn’t it going to be kind of hard to pull this off especially if sweats, t-shirts and tennis shoes seem like the constant IN thing for them?

So I scratched my head and started to think..

“Maybe there are more women who actually want to be the next MTV hip hop VJ then I thought..”

So with this in mind imagine my absolute delight when I finally arrived in Russia and actually witnessed for myself the various rumors that I had heard about this place.

Rumors that quietly found their way to me like a top secret message being whispered in my ear.

An urgent request from HQ asking me to confirm if the reported mysterious sightings were true..

Reported Sightings of an endless parade of fashion model quality girls walking around in fashion model quality clothes..

My Response?


Now this alone would be enough to blow any Man’s mind as if he was walking on another planet..

But as I began to take in more “data” about this environment I realized something interesting..

If the average salary in Russia was between $150 to $300 dollars a month..

Then how in the world could these women afford to buy such incredible and hot looking fashions?

The answer?

Many of these girls could design and make their own clothes from scratch.

And Guys we are not talking about shabby looking or poorly made stuff.

We are talking the REAL Deal..

Because what I see here would be akin to all of you having the same skill level as the guys on “American Chopper” if you were to build our own custom motorcycles from scratch in some grungy machine shop.

And on TOP of That.

There is just simply NO WAY any of you guys would suspect that a significant percentage of the clothes that you see adorning these beautiful women were SELF MADE.

No.. The only way you could ever find out is if you caught yourself admiring how incredible one of these girls looks with something she’s wearing and you actually compliment her for it…

Western Man: (with his jaw hitting the ground)
“Wow… You look INCREDIBLE in that beautiful tight mini-cut dress you are wearing..”
Russian Woman: (shyly smiling and turning red)
“Why thank you, (giggle giggle) I made it myself.. ”
Western Man: (in complete disbelief)
“Say What ?!?!”

Now in case you Guys think that I’m exaggerating the above scenario..

Think again..

Because this is TOTALLY common and you can certainly test this for yourself when you arrive here.

Now there are PLENTY of moments where I’ve caught myself just glaring at these girls during the summer time…

(and yes I was GLARING because it’s pretty damn hard not to do that here.. and also most of the girls actually feel quite proud when they receive this kind of attention from a Man in the first place.)

And as my eyes and brain started going into a Nuclear Melt Down..

I would just shake my head and say..

“There is NO WAY that this sexy looking Russian Goddess in front of me could’ve ever have made the outfit (aka daytime lingerie) that I’m seeing now..”

Because to me the patterns and the cuts are too complex to put together along with all of the sophisticated combination of buttons, zippers, mini pockets, stitches and labels that complimented it..

So how in the world would any woman ever be able dig all of this stuff up let alone know how to put it together with such artistry, class and sex appeal?

Well I finally found the answer to this question the other day as I was walking through the “fabric and clothes district” part of town.

In a solid row of large competing fabric shops were warehouses filled with every imaginable fabric and component you could ever think of for making any type of clothes.

I began to realize that these type of stores were really no different from a giant electronics and computer components warehouse that your average computer savy guy uses to custom build his own super computer or killer gaming machine.

So obviously in order for these fabric stores to thrive in this environment there had to be seriously large numbers of customers to support them with.

And as I looked at the large number of ladies browsing through the store and picking out the various pieces they were going to use for their next masterpiece I thought to myself..

There is..

There certainly is..