A few days ago I received an email from a friend out of Southern California.

Let’s call him Jim.

Jim was one of the first guys I ever knew who had enough guts to travel to Russia to look for a wife.

His email was a refreshing reminder of something that is a hot topic in this blog… and that is simply how realistic it is for any Man to have a wife who is significantly younger then him.

But before we talk about what was in his email..

Let’s talk a little about his adventure in Russia first..

Jim is a successful man in his mid 40’s and had been in and out of the singles scene with the “California Girls” that were supposed to offer him a slice of heaven but delivered dating hell instead.

Somewhere along the way he got wise to his situation and realized that he needed to seriously “expand his horizons”.

Luckily for him..

When Jim first arrived in Siberia over 3 years ago he basically experienced the closest thing to Love at First site that I had ever heard of.

Because after dealing with a long series of frustrating dates with a woman who clearly wasn’t right for him he was ready to give up and go home. He was in the process of making arrangements to go home early when he walked into my friend’s office and saw a young lady who just immediately floored him with her shy beauty and gentle energy.