When I was in High School I think I probably had the biggest crush in the Entire Universe for a girl named Kate Shanons.

Kate was magnificent..

She was quiet and soft spoken.

She was also kind and willing to give a guy like me the time of day.

And this is why I probably fell in love with her..

As fate would have it.. She was also easily the most Beautiful Girl I had ever seen during my 4 years in High School.. if not during my ENTIRE LIFE..

All 15 years of it that is..

If her long curly brunette hair, cobalt blue eyes and petite 5 foot 5 frame didn’t kill you..

Then her elegant and sympathetic smile would..

Right around this time Hollywood released “The Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields playing the part of a teenage beauty who was stranded on a remote South Pacific island with only another teenage boy to keep her “company”.

Now as much as I dreamed about being stranded on a deserted island in similar circumstances with Kate Shannons that wish simply wasn’t going to come true.

Because Unfortunately I don’t think I was the only young man in that High School who felt that way.

As a matter of fact there was a good chance that every testosterone carrier in that entire school must have had the same damn dream..

Well the laws of nature cannot be denied.. and once it took hold of Kate.. a beautiful woman with a gentle disposition quickly became the most popular girl in school..

One day she was the shy girl of my dreams.. and the next day she was the Junior Year princess on the Homecoming Queen’s court..

And then with one more year following that she became the Homecoming Queen herself..

She was paraded around the football field in a classic 60’s Mustang with a bouquet of roses in one hand while the other was in the air doing the all too familiar beauty queen wrist wave..

Kate was certainly shy no more..

It was around this time that I finally began to think that maybe my 4 long years of eternal love and devotion to Kate were probably not going to get noticed… at least not in the way I had hoped for..

So it was with this experience that I faced my first hard reality about truly Beautiful Women..

They are exceptionally rare and hard as hell to get close to and at some point in our lives all of us Men gain a real understanding of what it means to wish upon a distant star..

Because unfortunately we realize.. “That Star ain’t coming down to Earth just for you buddy..”

So at the “mature” age of 18 I began to openly wonder where in this galaxy could a large number of those stars be found.. and oh by the way where the hell was the nearest Astronaut Training Center?

Thus began the seeds of a life long adventure that has lasted to this day.

So as we travel through Hyperspace and arrive at this point in the Space Time Continuum.

I find myself visiting a buddy of mine who is teaching at a local university here in Siberia..

We casually sit down to catch up with each other in his classroom before his students arrive.

The bell rings.. and your standard procession of young beautiful Russian Girls files in while chit chatting and giggling with their normal level of energy that just brings a certain smile to your face..

(Truly one of the greatest sounds in life to be heard for sure..)

As the girls get seated my buddy introduces me as a guest English speaker and starts to tell the class about my background before I launch into my presentation about what North America is like..

5 minutes into my chat there’s a knock on the door and a late comer shows up and gently apologizes for her tardiness.

Whatever I was supposed to be talking about was instantly forgotten..

Because the girl who had just entered the room was not just a mere clone of the girl that I had literally worshiped nearly 25 years ago.

This girl was an ageless Quantum level copy right down to the hair style and the matching clothes that she wore..

Kate Shanons was back again standing before me in the flesh..

“Somebody please slap me.. I must be dreaming again!”

After an awkward silence with equally awkward stares from the class I regained my train of thought and continued on with my talk..

As I was addressing the class and answering their questions a funny realization began to dawn on me..

The “Kate Shanons” who was sitting in the back row listening intently to me..

Was just an AVERAGE looking girl in comparison to the rest of the young ladies in this room!

But that didn’t take anything away from this moment with “Kate”.

So while I was still fielding questions from the class a split moment of clarity we all get sometimes suddenly hits me and a little voice inside said…

Dude.. You’ve done it..
You’ve finally arrived in a place where you’ve come full circle with the beauty you’ve been searching for.
It’s no longer a dream.. it’s no longer a fantasy.. and it’s certainly no longer unattainable..
It’s here and now..
And by the way.. Kate Shanons is checking you out Man!

4 years of dreaming about one girl in High School and over 20 years of exploration for another..

And I’m surfing on a wave in the Sea of Tranquility surrounded by cosmic mermaids who are giving me their full undivided enthusiasm and attention..

Now of course a big part of me realized this earlier when I first arrived here several years ago..

But for some strange reason while I had almost completely forgotten about who Kate Shanons was during this period of time..

I now believe a part of me still needed to “see” her again in order to hold that one last puzzle piece in my hand..

And to firmly press it into the gap to finally complete the picture..

Sea of Tranquility indeed..

Before I knew it the bell had rung and the girls gave me a heart warming thanks for my time and started filing out to catch their next class.

My buddy and I resumed our conversation and started walking out a few minutes later as well..

“Kate” was hanging out in the hallway with some of her friends..

And just as I’m about to pass her she turns to me with an elegant and sympathetic smile and softly says…

“Excuse me.. but can I ask you something?”