I was invited by a friend to go have some free food and drinks at his company’s party which was being held in the same disco that I went to a few nights ago.

Needless to say there were a number of girls there that were just simply stunning.

Now the cool thing about any big party in Russia is that they always organize some type of staged entertainment for the guests.

For example they always have an MC who does the announcements and introduces the various acts for the show.

And tonight’s show had about 5 different dancing groups doing everything from ballet, waltzes, belly dances and hip hop. There were also 2 bands doing dance music and some opera singers doing one or two Russian classics in a different set.

A real mix of cultural offerings no doubt.

In any case the girls who were involved in this show really caught my eye so I gave it my best shot to try to get some decent photos of them..

Now these images aren’t the highest quality in the world since it comes from a camera phone..

But hey you should get the idea..