Sorry PETA..

But I absolutely LOVE the sight of a Russian Lady in a Fur Coat.

When you live in a place like Siberia there is just nothing more incredible to look at especially during the long winters here.

And you know what the greatest thing is?

The Russian Ladies who wear these coats are COMPLETELY guilt free when they walk around in them. As a matter of fact they are damn proud of their coats and rightfully so.

You see not only do these coats look stunning but they also keep these ladies REAL WARM too. (wow what a concept)

In fact these FUR Coats work so well that there’s a big volume of business for them.. There are countless specialty outlets in Russia which offer a huge selection of coats, jackets, hats (sharpkas), and even sexy looking boots all made from different types of REAL Animal Fur…

And I COMPLETELY Support It.

Sorry Again PETA..

But I don’t care what kind of guilt trip you TRY to throw at me either..

I just simply don’t care about what you say or try to show me with your various shock tactics. I can say this because I believe the best way to keep animals from becoming extinct is to allow the Free Market to work and to increase their value over time.

This only provides REAL Incentives to either protect or domesticate them..

Or in other words..

If people want animal products bad enough I’m sure that someone will find a way to keep them around..

(You don’t see cows becoming extinct because of their milk, meat or leather do you?)

Anyways let me get off my Libertarian Soap Box for now..

Because when all is said and done..

There is just nothing in this world quite like the beauty of REAL Fur..

And there sure as hell ain’t nothing that feels like it too..