March 2007

I recently had a chance to talk to a charming and statuesque young lady named Natasha who had spent last summer in the US under a 4 month Work and Travel Visa.

She went to Maryland and waitress-ed in a family restaurant which gave her a unique perspective on “the norms” of American eating and dining.

So to put it mildly..

She was completely shocked at the sheer volume of food that could be consumed by a single human being in one sitting.

She was even more shocked when she realized that this National Geographic moment of bi-pedal hunters devouring their “Grand Slam” prey did not limit itself to just the Male Species.

Now she had always heard the classic stereotypes about a large percentage of American Women who are “healthily fed” and run no risk of wasting away anytime soon.

But for any Russian Girl to hear about this is one thing..

To see it for themselves..

Is another thing all together..

Now in the interests of not wanting to throw Russian – American Relations back another 20 years or so…

Allow me to gracefully avoid the stunned impressions of a young Siberian Girl in America and detour around what Natasha described to me about the physical appearance of many of the Women she met..


While I’m happy with most of the photos on this blog..

Sometimes the 2nd time around just seems to say so much more.

You see when I the Creator first started designing this platform my initial thought rested on the assumption that I would only post a single visual instance for each Lady.

At the time my mind was pre-programmed with an existing constraint which asserted that this method was the optimal procedure for illustrating some of the beautiful physical diversity that exists within the super-construct known as Siberia.

But then as I was re-indexing my legacy image libraries a new cognitive pattern started to arise from the seemingly chaotic fractals before me.

Sophisticated repeating patterns which designated that every female construct I’ve interfaced with clearly has her own inner expression of infinite diversity.

Almost like a bio-sensory simulation device that can be instantly loaded with any combination of virtual reality streams..

All made up of an inner mosaic of energy, light, consciousness, and XX based genetic instructions which seems to get excited into a totally unknown quantum state when you are in their presence.

Or in other words…

You guys wouldn’t mind if I show more photos of some previous ladies would you?

Well Good..

I’d thought you’d agree.

Matrix Reloaded Anyone?



Well the snow is thawing and Spring is here.

And although I wish I could tell you that Russia is lovely in the Spring..

For the beginning of this season it’s just the opposite.

Because right now it’s actually a dirty, muddy and mucky affair.

Walking around town is like trying to navigate a maze filled with mud traps, oil slicks and slushy pools of black water.

For example you need to be constantly vigilant of the cars which pass by you on the streets.. Get to close to them and in an instant you will badly need a trip to the car wash like they do.

To make matters worse there are no run-off gutters or drainage systems so the black and oily water just sloshes back and forth in the streets as the traffic moves and the cold breeze blows.

Now if this wasn’t treacherous enough there are still plenty of places where the solid sheets of ice haven’t completely melted so you are forced to walk on extremely slippery patches that could easily put you on your posterior in a second. This is often the time when the most accidents happen and unfortunately it’s usually the older folks who suffer the most from this.

So just when you are about to think that any sane human being would wear serious water proof hiking boots in these conditions..

You look around and see legions of Russian Women somehow managing to traverse all of this with their delicate walks in fashionable high heel boots.


Sometimes I get questions from Men of various nationalities about what possibilities they have for meeting and starting up a relationship with a Russian Woman.

Well I can certainly understand this issue.

Because without a doubt Russian Women posses some of the highest standards of classical beauty in the world. And this beauty is universally desired by all Men regardless of their background.

Well I believe the answer to this question is not only relevant with just Russian Women but with most Women in general.

So here’s the bottom line..

Gentlemen what is FAR More Important then your Race is your Level of MANLINESS and CULTIVATION..

Give me a Black, Hispanic, Indian, Arabic or Asian version of James Bond and I will show you a Man who has NO PROBLEMS with attracting Beautiful Women in this part of the world.

So saying this I want to ask the following questions.


Ok Here’s the Deal..

Women’s Day for Russian Women…

Is like Super bowl Sunday for American Men..

It’s a very serious deal in Russia and the FSU.

Gifts, Roses, Dining Out and Men doing special favors (like cleaning the house and cooking) for the women they are close to is part of the package..

Here’s something that will give you more of an idea on how big this day is.

Perhaps the busiest day of the Year for Restaurants, Clubs, Taxi Drivers, and Flower-shops is on March 8th. Much more so then Valentines Day or Mother’s Day in my opinion.

Traffic is completely jammed like Christmas Eve for last minute shopping runs.

But keep in mind that the most important thing you can do for any Russian Lady is to congratulate her on her special day and to do something which completely shows your appreciation and also validates her for the traditional woman that she is.

For example, I already have my personal “battle plan” drawn up for the things I need to do for my sweetheart and her family. And even-though March 8th is a public holiday I’m still going to have to get an early morning start in order to finish out my ‘to do” and my “to get” list for this event.

Anyways.. you should get the point and if you know any Russian Women MAKE SURE you tell them “Congratulations” and if necessary follow up with some serious shmoozing action on your part.


I have to admit that getting engaged to an Incredible Woman really helps you to gain some perspective.

Your view of the world noticeably changes and you start to recognize more of..

What’s REAL in life..

..and Whats NOT.

Let me explain.

The other day I was having lunch at one of my favorite places and had the opportunity to flip through a luxury car magazine that was lying on the table.

I can certainly appreciate the latest and greatest when it comes to Engineering, Design and Style.  This is especially so with any number of cars that retails at sixty thousand dollars or more.

Now you would think that this “appreciation to automotive detail” is the central message that all car manufacturers want to convey to you.

However upon closer inspection of these advertisements I began to think that being wowed by “German Engineering” or “Japanese Design” was NOT really what these marketing pitches were all about.

Because although my eyes are always drawn to the sleek and shiny looking machines that are meticulously displayed in these photos..

I always catch myself taking a closer look at the sleek and sexy women who always seem to be hovering in these ads as well..


Sorry Guys but I’ve been busy and I’m trying my best to put posts up more frequently..

And I certainly have some interesting thoughts to share with you when I can get to it.

But at the same time I can hear Dr. Evil out there saying..

“Someone Throw me a Frickin Bone here will ya?”

Ok Ok..

I guess I’ll just have to put up some more photos for your visual pleasure instead..

Thanks God a picture is worth a thousand words eh?

If that’s the case then I have at least 3000 words for you to read here.. 🙂




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