Ok Here’s the Deal..

Women’s Day for Russian Women…

Is like Super bowl Sunday for American Men..

It’s a very serious deal in Russia and the FSU.

Gifts, Roses, Dining Out and Men doing special favors (like cleaning the house and cooking) for the women they are close to is part of the package..

Here’s something that will give you more of an idea on how big this day is.

Perhaps the busiest day of the Year for Restaurants, Clubs, Taxi Drivers, and Flower-shops is on March 8th. Much more so then Valentines Day or Mother’s Day in my opinion.

Traffic is completely jammed like Christmas Eve for last minute shopping runs.

But keep in mind that the most important thing you can do for any Russian Lady is to congratulate her on her special day and to do something which completely shows your appreciation and also validates her for the traditional woman that she is.

For example, I already have my personal “battle plan” drawn up for the things I need to do for my sweetheart and her family. And even-though March 8th is a public holiday I’m still going to have to get an early morning start in order to finish out my ‘to do” and my “to get” list for this event.

Anyways.. you should get the point and if you know any Russian Women MAKE SURE you tell them “Congratulations” and if necessary follow up with some serious shmoozing action on your part.

What ever energy you put into this will be well rewarded I assure you.

Also check out the other Russian Women blogs in my links page to get some good additional descriptions on this important tradition.

Finally to all the Russian Women that I personally know who read this blog..

Please accept my warmest wishes for you on your special day. Your presence has shaped my life in amazing and unimaginable ways.
And for this I am eternally gratefull.

Sprazkneecom & Cheers, GL