Sometimes I get questions from Men of various nationalities about what possibilities they have for meeting and starting up a relationship with a Russian Woman.

Well I can certainly understand this issue.

Because without a doubt Russian Women posses some of the highest standards of classical beauty in the world. And this beauty is universally desired by all Men regardless of their background.

Well I believe the answer to this question is not only relevant with just Russian Women but with most Women in general.

So here’s the bottom line..

Gentlemen what is FAR More Important then your Race is your Level of MANLINESS and CULTIVATION..

Give me a Black, Hispanic, Indian, Arabic or Asian version of James Bond and I will show you a Man who has NO PROBLEMS with attracting Beautiful Women in this part of the world.

So saying this I want to ask the following questions.

Are you as a Man….

  • Someone a Russian Woman can EASILY look up to from her Traditional Background and Vantage Point?
  • Someone she can Feel Proud being with?
  • Someone who carries himself with Confidence and Leadership?
  • Someone who possesses Classic Social Graces?
  • Someone who is Educated, Worldly and Refined?
  • Someone who is NOT Insecure with himself?
  • Someone who can Communicate Well?
  • Someone with a Playful and Easy Sense of Humor?
  • Someone who can play the role of a Good Host in a Social Setting?
  • Someone who carries himself with Status? (not Arrogance)
  • Someone who is Interesting to be with or has an Interesting Life?
  • Someone who has Good Physical Fitness and a Respectable Appearance?
  • Someone who is a REAL MAN?

Now in NONE of these questions did I ask if you were a Handsome Young White Male with a Big Bank Account now did I?

Sure there are always girls everywhere who “believe” that this is the only type of Man that they want but then in life there is always a difference between a little girl’s fantasy and a woman’s reality.

It’s obvious that No Man is going to be able to perfectly demonstrate all of the above criteria but it’s important for you to know that developing yourself in the above areas is a ongoing process that should not be ignored.

Now saying this.. let me share with you something that I see much too often with various Men that I meet.

Many Men have a tendency in believing that money alone can overcome deficiencies in any of these qualities.

Well in one way they are certainly correct..

But of course there’s a Huge Catch to this..

Imagine a scale which measures a Woman’s intentions towards a Man..

One one side is True Love..

And on the other side is True Prostitution

It’s my belief that many Women have the capacity to swing in both directions depending on their circumstances and the conditioning they receive from Men.

So what this means for you as a Man is simple..

It means that you are ultimately responsible for the type of Woman you end up with along any side of this scale.

Another important thing to know is this..

This scale between Love and Prostitution slides in one direction or the other depending on a Man’s actions.

This is because many of us Men are conditioned to use material things as a “demonstration of love” in order to “keep her happy”.

And unfortunately when this happens his scale slides toward the Prostitution side and usually stays there until the relationship ultimately collapses.

Can this scale slide back towards the Love side?

I believe it can but the work (and grief) involved in doing this is much harder and longer and quite frankly just may not be worth it.

Obviously it’s better to not start heading down this slippery slope in the first place.

Because the more you can work on the things that advance your strength, character and integrity as a Man the more desirable you become to these ladies.

It’s EXTREMELY Important that you develop a vision of who you wish to become in the context of a husband, father and provider.

Serious Russian Women with serious intentions are looking at you and always sizing you up along these lines.

The questions they ask you about your plans maybe subtle..

But this should tell you that their intentions are not.

So be prepared to spell out in an honest and grounded way what your personal vision for the future is concerning family..

Or to put all of this in another way.

Become a Real Man and Lead..

And the right type of Woman will be attracted to this..

And will follow..